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23rd August 2012
Luperci Ortus
Lucias's coat is mainly a ashy Zues with highlights of Luxor Gold running throughout her fur. Her eyes are an icy Glacier blue, brilliant in contrast to her dark coat. Her build and overall appearance closely resembles a dog, much like her mother with a curly tail and large Shepard-like ears.

[Image: xLHZax6.png]

In Optime form, she stands at 6'7" and her body is fit. She body has feminine curves with a full chest. The girl's hair is straight for the most part, falling just above her breasts. It's layered around her face with messy bangs that she often has to sweep out of her eyes. It looks mostly like THIS but with a few more layers framing her face. The way she moves can change on a dime, sometimes very childish and other times graceful and alluring. She's very good at keeping a light expression on her face to hide the demon within.

Lucias' Articles of Clothing:
-Corset top
-Draped Skirt
-Leather Zipper Skirt
-Leather Corset
-Hi-low lace skirt
-Flowy red skirt
-80's letterman jacket
-Red pleated skirt

Lucias is attracted to blood red/burgundy colors so half her wardrobe contains these colors. She generally wears her light blue cropped corset top with her red pleated skirt and wears her letterman jacket over that.

-Spanish rapier -Less Detailed Rapier
-Odd Dagger
Lucias shall be haunted by Amy's ghost, whom is a powerful spirit fueled by blood and revenge. Her mother is weary of who she appears to, mostly seen by those she was close to in her life and those who she knows wouldn't hurt Lucias. Amy has taught her that she is privileged, and better than other canines and has dabbled in the art of poisons. Amy isn't currently with Lucias as she attached to Kohaku to aid him, Lucias is determined to get her mother back.

Lucias has little patience and will take the first step in doing most things in her life, a born leader. She generally acts sweet around those she doesn't know, but it is only a facade. Hidden underneath her charming mask, there is a darker side. Lucias is fascinated with blood as it strengthens her mother and makes it easier for her to manifest. As she got older, her fascination for blood became a passion and now she can't get enough of it. Spilling blood is one of Lucias' favorite things to do, whether it be that of her prey's or that of her victim's. The pup loves to see others in pain knowing that she caused it. Lucias sees her self as greater than others and finds joy in other's weaknesses. Lucias loves games and plays them regularly with passing strangers, although mostly all of her games end in injury and/or death.

The Sunders child is a bit confused about how to go about giving her emotions out to others. She can often come off as cold and detached to those closest to her and tends to hide her own weaknesses. Her mother has always been and will be someone she looks up to, the guiding star in the child's life. Even when Amy isn't with her, she strives to make her proud.
Lucias was born after forced relations between Amy Sunders and Mars Russo. She was an only child, and the only successful healthy litter that her mother had. She lived with her mother for the first three months of her life traveling in a wagon before Amy was murdered in front of her eyes by New Dawn's alpha.

During their stay in New Dawn, Amy made her first appearance to Lucias as a spirit. After that, she and Kohaku escaped and made their way to Salsola where Amy instructed them to go if she were to perish. They made a home in an old bunker for weeks on end until her brother decided it was time to go to a pack. That's when she ended up on Anathema's doorstep.

Lucias didn't stay in Anathema long. After having a fight with her brother and after Kohaku took Amy, she left the pack. She's adapted well to life by herself as a loner and has become used to it. Lucias has done a good job at pushing away everyone close to her including her adopted father and her brother. Amy is the only one she wishes to be close to, or so she lends herself to believe. The pup will never admit she misses her family.
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