Maria Soledad

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20th November 2014
Luperci Ortus
Soledad is long and lean, though her true body type doesn't often show through due to her thick fur. Her fur is especially thick around her neck and face giving her a thick ruff. She refers to this as her mane and has helped her more than once in unnecessary squabbles. Her tail and belly have the same fluffiness but when she stands in optime, it's hard to tell how long it is.
Her coloring was well adapted to life out on a scraggly plain. It's sandy and darker on the top with flecks throughout. Her belly is offwhite and a 'V' of the same color is slashed across her throat. Her legs are a ruddy red, however her toes and heels are the same color as her belly and throat. The ruddy red reappears in her face where a pair of mischievous green eyes appear. The brightness of her eyes is an oddity in her family but one she enjoys to flaunt.
Most of the time, she goes about her life in her optime form. However, she had never been much for clothes. When she does wear something, it is for her archery. She binds her chest and straps a hooded cowl around her shoulders. She believes this shades her eyes from the sun and adds an air of mystery. If she's required to dress for an event, she owns a wrinkled white shirt that has become more gray in its old age and a red plaid kilt.
Maria is a bit of a trickster, a bit of an innovator, and more often than not, a flirt. For much of her upbringing, she was on her own and from that shes gained some odd quirks. She had memorized the scraggly desert she came from and had loved the wide open spaces. However, the desert had lost its challenge, its bite. Maria's pride and sense of entitlement sometimes put her into situations that are easily avoided. If she thinks she will be shamed or wronged, it makes her very frustrated and righteous.

She has a very loose sense of honor and does anything she has to to survive. It came from living in a harsh environment and being forced to make hard choices from a young age. Though, it hasn't dampened her spirit and most of the time she is very bright, if not a bit secretive. She may seem open and giving with information, but when it comes down to it, she says a lot but also very little.

Some of the things she does are odd though. For months, she has carried a prop sword made a cheap and warping plastic. When she goes to bed, she has to circle exactly twelve times. Before she eats, she taps her head three times. These are a few of her quirks which allowed her to keep a routine as she was traveling.
Maria Soledad was born in a small den in a harsh, but thriving desert in Southern California. She was an only child, born to a mother that was past her prime and raising a pup took quite a toll on her. However, while she was raised in the scrub she had quite an extended family on her father's side in a small luperci settlement. She was caught between lives, born to a Luperci Verto mother who wanted nothing to do with other luperci and an undeniable curiosity for an unknown world.

Unfortunately, she got her wish to explore another world when her mother succumbed to a rattlesnake bite. She was guilty for some time about her mother's death, believing she had in some way caused it. Her early days in the luperci settlement were quiet and nerve wrecking, having been forced upon a father who wanted nothing to do with her and a wildly different way of life. She found solace in her cousin, Andres, who was a bright part of her day and often brought her out of her sour moods.

Though, within months of entering the settlement and learning how to shift and the basics of archery, she returned to the wilds. She innovated her own methods of archery, modifying arrows and trying different feathers and lengths to perfect her shot. For a year, she lived in the bush, occasionally returning to the settlement to reconnect with Andres and collect supplies.

Eventually, the desert began to grow dull and she wanted a new challenge. Young as she was, she new there were opportunities out there. So, she took her bow and her scarce belongings and set out to the east. There were whisperings of a great gathering of luperci, larger than any other colony. While Maria had never been a team player, she knew the benefits of society and hopes to lend her bow and mind to a greater cause.
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