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20th November 2014
Maria is suited for the deserts of southern California, despite having been away from her birthplace for many years. Her coat is sandy and ticked with the colors of sage, desiccated wood and coarse sandstone. She's slightly bigger than the average coyote, but her delicate bone structure gives her away along with her bat-like ears. She's no longer as young as she once was and her wiry coat is flecked with gray, especially around her muzzle and brows. Despite her age, she has lean, ropy muscles that come from months on her own, working and walking beyond the bounds of Nova Scotia. She's gained new scars but walks with a confidence that she hasn't had in the past.
Her pale green eyes still glitter with knowledge as she's made a life for herself beyond her past. She keeps her mannerisms loose and calm, except when she's on the hunt when every move becomes a deliberate action. Typically, she keeps to her lupus form while she's on her own. She appreciates the natural way her body was meant to move but when she's with company she's much more likely to be in optime. In that form, she's still long and lean with a thick ruff of fur around her neck. She keeps the hair on the top of her head cropped short and out of her way, she's never been one for vanity.

Weapon: Hand carved bow with songbird feathers attached to one end, sharpened antler and shards of flint for cutting hide
Clothes: Not typically worn
Maria is a traveler and a trickster. She has her own way of living and a strong personality. She often thinks that she is smarter than others. She believes that her flightiness is a trait to be admired and those that stay have never really been that interesting. Even though Maria has her own odd quirks, she often talks to herself and mutters plans of the future. She curses openly and has never had the desire to keep the company of other animals.
She tries to be kind, and she attempts to be honorable, but her number one priority is herself. Things that don't line up with her own self-preservation are often avoided, though she used to be a lot more reckless. However, a few close calls made her realize that caution far outweighed the pride of doing something stupid. As she's gotten older, she realized that being alone isn't everything. Sometimes she's sad, thinking back over the years, that she had never had someone to be truly open with. Relationships were transactional, orderly, and most importantly, kept at arm's length. But when her joints ache, she feels her own mortality, the fragility of a body that has trekked many miles. That concept frightens her as she has never relied on anyone but herself.
Far in her past, and almost forgotten:
Mother: Tati Soledad
Father: Ox Hennessy
Maria Soledad is from the deserts of southern California. Her family lived more wild back then, keeping to the old ways and she stayed with her mother and father as they raised her siblings. She had every rock and nook mapped in her mind, the seemingly endless land keeping her entertained. But as she grew into an individual, her eyes were constantly seeking the horizon. She wanted to go beyond what her parents knew. There were no more barriers for canids like themselves, only the will of their feet upon the ground.

So, Maria took off and spent months crossing the country. She wandered through passes, over plains and forests, fording rivers and seeing a world of green, so far removed from the dusty desert home. She was not always welcome where she went, avoiding packs of wolves and dogs that weren't interested in a sly coyote hanging around, old vendettas raising their ugly head. When she made it finally to Nova Scotia, she was in wonderment. She met a few of the residents, enjoying the small pleasures a place like this brought. However, it became stifling, after months of solitary travel she couldn't tolerate others well. So, she continued to travel. She coursed down the east coast, taking in more sights that she never thought possible. Down to the south where the humidity so heavy it felt as though she was drowning. Back up to crumbling cities of the long gone man and the proud Appalachian mountains and the rich forests that resided on their peaks. Years past this way, she never settled down, never staying for more than a few months at a time.

Eventually, her paws were tired and worn. She was exhausted and alone. Something occurred to her, that she needed to return where she could rest. Where the mild climes would ease her aging bones. Maria took her time making her way back to the place she once was, where there was community. A place that she finally felt she was ready for.
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