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Adari is by no means your average wolf. For starters she’s quite large, even for her species and especially for her gender. She stands 6’ 3” tall in Optime form and weighs around 205lbs. She is built sturdy, strong and yet feminine. Her bust is slightly more pronounced than average. Her thick, rough but shining coat is colored a mixture of burnt umbre, a rich chocolate brown, buttery-tan and a burnt-orange brown. In certain light her fur appears to shimmer a tinge of light copper-orange. Her coppery-brown hair is messy and somewhat short cropped except for a part of it which falls over the right side of her face. Her eyes are heterochromatic (bi-colored), the right being a deep golden hue while the left a bright crimson. Her nose and paw pads are a dark brown. Preferring most time to remain unclad, the large female only sometimes will dawn a heavy, hooded cloak, especially when facing cold or rougher weather during travel. She always wears a brown leather belt with its usual attachments: twin blades for defense, a small hunting knife, and a couple small leather pouches of various healing herbs and necessities. Other adornments on her person include a white-gold chain necklace with a small green and brown, wood-carved pendant in the shape of a tree around her neck, two small gold hoops on the outer edges of each of her ears, two gold bracelets around her right wrist and two gold ankle bracelets on her left hind foot. Definitive markings on her person include a black tribal tattoo of a phoenix rising on her right shoulder and one of a tribal looking sun on her left shoulder. She bares only a few scars, the most noticeable is the bite taken from the tip of her left ear and a slightly jagged, bent-crescent shaped gash over the top of her left eye and partially down her cheek, extending from brow to the base of her muzzle. Her voice is a rough, slightly deeper sound and her laugh is harsh and loud.
Adari Blaise is a fiery spirit. Her temperament is very abrasive and gruff. She tends to be serious and well composed to the point of being seen as almost stuck up. She is generally very rational, intelligent and doesn’t like to waste her time with petty things like immature behaviors and ignorance. A lover of solitude yet still able to balance a social life, Adari is an interesting character to say the least. At times she can be sarcastic, blunt and distant, coming off as uncaring. Her emotions are not easily out of her control but rather locked away fairly tight. She is however prone to having an explosive temper if pushed too far which can bring about some nasty, biting insults and less than lady like behavior. At other times, she can show extraordinary finesse and passion, devoting her attention in assisting another or in her work. She is unafraid of getting her paws dirty and has a hard work ethic. She is a no-nonsense type of wolf but when it comes to children, she tries her best to accommodate their juvenile ways. She has a zero-tolerance mindset when it comes to rape or unprovoked, unjustified violence. She doesn’t necessarily hold contempt for stealing or fighting for survival though. Adari can become easily annoyed and bored, but is normally pretty exercised in patience. She has a guardian complex meaning if she does indeed bond with someone closely she will fight to the death to protect them. She is loyal but not easily trusting. A lot of people will find they butt heads with her more often than not because she can come off so unyielding. She has strict spiritual beliefs and can be stubborn to no end. She doesn’t easily admit defeat. Yet for all the toughness she shows on the outside, her heart is a good one. She is an advocate for nature, respecting almost all living things. While she enjoys the sport of hunting, she always treats her kills with the utmost care and whatever part she leaves behind she will ensure returns to the earth. Adari has a deep, almost mysterious side to her. She can seem wiser beyond her years and due to her rough past, she does retain many useful life experiences. She likes sharing her knowledge with others and loves to learn new skills as well. Although not overly curious to the point of sticking her nose into trouble, she does have a bit of a bad habit of eavesdropping, though she rarely ever spreads gossip. Some might think she doesn’t know how to have fun. She can be a little set in her ways, but with those she trusts and is close to, she does loosen up a little (only a little), just enough to maybe share a strong drink or occasionally smoke marijuana. She never overdoes these little indulgences though. Overall, Adari is pretty rough around the edges but as a person she has her head on right and views the world with a meaningful perspective, always trying to see or seek purpose in everything she does.
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Mother: Inara Coven
Father: Sybald Blaise
Sisters: Ryuujin Blaise, Sephora Blaise, Eun Blaise
Brothers: Kaito Blaise, Absynthe Blaise, Ithelo Blaise, Kobel Blaise

deceased, whereabouts unknown, alive

Companion: Qeyta {KEE-tuh} [Image: peregrinefalconx-1.png]
Qeyta is a peregrine falcon, the fastest animal in the world. She is fierce, master huntress and dedicated companion to Adari. She has been well trained (since she was hatched) and only responds to her master’s commands. She takes a while to warm up to new people and will bite strangers if they’re not careful. Her usual perch is either on Adari’s shoulder or upon her rawhide gloved arm. Otherwise she can be found soaring high above the trees, following after the wolfess. She can speak broken high speech and fluent low speech.

Horse: Vespasian {Vehs-PAY-see-AHN} [Image: Vespasianpixel.png]

Vespasian is an awe-inspiring example of a Gypsy Cob stallion. Adari raised him from a feisty colt to the tempered giant he is today. Colored bay with three white feathered socks, one black on his hind right foot and a wide white blaze down his face he is kept well groomed and stud-like. Standing almost frighteningly tall at 19 hands (6ft 4in, 193cm) with hooves the size of dinner plates, and sporting powerful rippling muscle, this equine is a force to be reckoned with. Although usually well-mannered (though not exactly “gentle”), Vespasian can become an unpredictable wild beast at times, especially when protecting his companion. He can be very intimidating if he wants to be. He is deeply loyal to Adari and is cautious of strangers. He can speak in low speech and through training has come to understand some words of high speech.
Adari has had a rough life right from the start. From cruddy parenting, to multiple half siblings, fighting to survive, loneliness and other hardships, it's not hard to see how Adari's history has shaped her as a person. See her Wiki for the full story!
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