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Dog - Border Collie/Jack Russell mix
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27th December 2015
Luperci Ortus
Kyriakí is relatively simple, body wise. A combination of two energetic, working dogs, she is fairly lithe and therefore, quite agile and capable. Most of her coat is short and repellent, keeping dirt and debris away and maintaining a characteristic shine, despite dirty circumstances. Along the cheeks, neck, base of the ears, rump and feet, her fur is longer and feathery, similar to a border collie's typical coat style. Tail is docked and features longer fur that most of the body, giving it a thick appearance. Around her neck, a leather and metal choker stands, to mark her role and make her status clear.

Color wise, Kyra is predominantly white, with only two notable areas of black and tan. The right side of her head is black, featuring tan points on the cheek and eyebrow. The black extends to the right ear, but only to a small percent. Another relatively large, black spot can be seen on her rump, extending down to cover the entirety of the tail as well, with tan ticking faintly visible. The rest of the body, particularly the shoulders, hips and neck, feature faint black speckles/freckles.

Most notably, though, Kyra features bi-colored eyes, with a stark blue in her left, and a hazel brown in her right.

As a result of her compulsive behavior, her claws are highly dulled and cracked, very rarely reaching the length required to touch the ground. For this reason, she's rather silent, even when walking on hard surfaces.
Energetic and ready for action, Kyriakí is always ready for action, her heightened intelligence allowing her to learn new skills quickly and spot patterns in order to take advantage of them. Despite that, due to her tormented past, she rarely shows her true personality and capabilities, remaining behind a perpetual mask of silence and obedience.

At first glance, she's soft spoken, quiet and unwilling to speak up unless asked to. Living all her early live imprisoned and in slavery has shaped her into a living, obedient doll, unwilling to go against her superior's words and ready to serve, no matter the cause. All she knows is that her sole purpose in life is to serve. No questions allowed.

Although uncomfortable at first, if she's given the freedom, she'll flourish into a fairly cheery female, excitable and happy-go-lucky, although her past will always reflect in her behavior, giving her the inability to impose herself and making her easy to trample over or take advantage of.

As a result of being forced into submission and being held captive with little to no activities to occupy her intelligent mind, she has developed a certain compulsive behavior; Digging and scraping at walls and at the floor and occasionally, rocking back and forth. The inability to stop this activity has led to her claws reaching a heavily dulled and damaged state.
Born somewhere in Europe, presumably within the rural region of England, Kyra was quickly shunned for the bi-colored eyes and her odd appearance. An accident, never meant to be born in the first place, her family consisted of a small, loose group of thieves, poor dogs making their living by stealing then moving out, constantly traveling between cities. Although they kept and fed her for several weeks after her birth, she was cast aside and left to die at the fragile age of 14-16 weeks, when her eye colors became apparent.

Left to fend for herself and most certainly die, either of starvation or killed by other dogs, she was picked up and enslaved by a mob of highly secretive canines. From that point on, the female has lived in total darkness, with no knowledge of anything going on outside the broken settlement that she was held captive in. Forced to serve and do her master's dirty jobs, she has always respected their commands and accomplished what was asked of her.

For this reason, Kira was considered an all around great slave, worthy of a good trade and close to her first birthday, she was traded off to someone located somewhere within the Western Hemisphere. Thrown in a dark box and with no way to tell what was going on, or where she was going, the young female spent the entire trip in total darkness. After an unforeseen accident upon reaching Portland, she managed to free herself, wandering aimlessly by herself and avoiding any other living being, living off scraps and trash until, unbeknownst to her, reaching the Souls territory.
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