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50% Arctic Wolf 50% Great Plains Wolf
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31st October 2010
Luperci Ortus
Lupus:Though hardly ever on all fours, Lola's pelt is a mixture of her Arctic and Great Plains Ancestors. Her fur is not pristine white, nor the usual tawny and gray. Instead she boasts the coveted shades of silver and grey. She has a slate hued saddle, light grey bib, and in the sunlight it can be seen that just the tips of her guard hairs are topped off with a a coppery red tone. Her eyes are the pale shade of moonlight, just barely tinged with a leafy green. Though both breeds of wolf are robust in her bloodline, Lola has remained petite since birth weighing a little over 75lbs. Lithe and seemingly underfed, don't underestimate her diminutive stature for weakness. Her skinny body and dainty paws make for a quick and agile huntress in lupine form, making it easy for her to come and go within the shadows of night. Lola relies on the element of surprise and speed to get the upper hand in hunting and fighting. However, she'd rarely take an opponent head on and prefers to mete out arguments with her silver tongue.

Secui: The dire wolf form of the latter at 145lbs , though a surprising shock of long wine red hair makes up her mane and completely covers her dark hued saddle. Lola uses this form to solo hunt game she would not be able to handle in her lupus form. If in an altercation with another canine, Lola would use her Secui to equal out the odds.

Optime: Her most comfortable form, Lola stands at 6'0'' and is in between 170-175lbs. Though petite, she knows how to use her willowy arms and legs, supple hips, and smaller bust size to her advantage. She has a dancer's body, graceful, agile, and flexible. Lola has long wine red hair that reaches down to the small of her back. Usually preferring to be unencumbered by clothes, Lola does appreciate fashion and the appeal of certain fabrics, mainly those of the silk, feathered, velvet or sheer variety. In cooler temperatures, she wears a long satin lined midnight blue hooded cloak, which just reaches her ankles, or one of her many rank cloaks:
Ebon Rabbit Fur Rank Cloak (Bracciante)
Natural Deerskin Rank Cloak (Famiglia)
Tawny Fox Fur Trimmed Rank Cloak (Corpo)
Evergreen Cougar Mantled Rank Cloak (Mani)

Update: 10/18/13
Lola bears a scar that cuts her upper lip/cheek, and lower lip/chin on the left side, she also has a stab wound scar above her heart. Both healed wounds are courtesy of Aedan de Valence, her mate's father.

Primary Weapon: Lola's preference is throwing knives in which she had picked up as a hobby/entertainment based act when she performed in Paris. Upon finding she had some real accuracy with the knives, her acts became increasingly trickier, adding show goers and colleagues into the mix and throwing knives around their outlines, hitting things out of their hands or from the tops of their heads, and cutting things in half from out of the air. She has not used them maliciously against another, though she has learned they're quite useful when it comes to hunting. She still practices knife throwing in her free time and will eventually use it more so in self-defense.
Reference: 6 blades in all kept within a harness.
New Throwing Knives crafted by Ryuu (6)
Old Throwing Knives (3)
Harness: Throwing Knife Harness

Secondary Weapon: The Karambit, also kept holstered in her harness on the left side so it can be quickly withdrawn with her right hand. Though she prefers her ranged throwing knives, the Karambit is the one blade she has actually used in self defense against another. This is a smaller curved blade which can cause a lot of damage if wielded correctly in her balled up fist.
Reference: Karambit

Agriculture/Bee Keeping: Loralei grew up in a fishing town called Port Isaac in Cornwall, England. Both of her parents were agriculturally gifted. Her father owned an apple orchard while her mother tended to rows of lavender. Bee keeping was a side business for her family as it helped maintain both trees and flowers. At a young age, she learned the importance of the bees and how cross pollination could create hybrid plants that could withstand England winters. The smell of lavender or apples is one of her favorites, triggering a deep seated homesickness, though she'll say she can't stand either one of these scents. She abandoned any happiness she once knew from Port Isaac when her father ordered her family to ostracize her with the rest of the village in response to the lusty acts she had committed under false guidance. Her arborist knowledge is limited to different families of apple trees.

Horse Back Riding/Jumping: Lola's father ran a successful business breeding and training quarter horses on his farm. Lola was thus exposed to a variety of equines at a young age and was taught soon after she could shift how to ride them and essentially "break" a horse. She is just as comfortable in the saddle as she is in bed, and has begun using these skills to learn how to use a bow on horseback.

Fishing/Marine Life: One of her favorite hobbies growing up as a young child, was living in a fishing village. Her grandfather often times took her and her brothers to the port to fish off the docks, or to the sea to practice with spears and nets. He taught them all he knew about the ways of water. She became very knowledgeable of sea life, fish/bird migration, as well as learning the best spots to set traps for crabs and to go searching for other shellfish. Filleting fish became her expertise along with throwing clam bakes.

Astronomy/Astrology: Loralei received an extensive education from her governess. Learning how to read and write, she also studied history and human cultures, art, languages (French and Spanish), science, music, and of course, the proper ways of a lady. Amongst her studies, her favorite subject had been astronomy. She's a secret star gazer, simply amazed with the burning masses in the sky, the constellations, and the mythology of multiple cultures based around them. The signs of the zodiac and horoscopes have always fascinated her, but the tarot deck she prized while in Paris was lost on her journey to Nova Scotia. Divination wasn't her true calling though, she still traces the path of the moon, a few stars, and the sun...sometimes linking them to events in her life.

Chemistry: While living in Paris, Lola became friends with many of the dancing girls who mixed different herbs to kill any offspring they might produce from their trysts. She was adept in learning how to create these deadly concoctions, pulling on past knowledge from her time in her father's orchard and mother's gardens, she soon realized the same ideas of cross pollination and pheromones could be used in these mixtures. Soon enough, the vixen began creating and experimenting with different kinds of poisons, toxins, perfumes, and tonics. Taking a special pride in creating odorless and tasteless poisons that can sicken, knock out, or even kill her foes.

Perfumes/Wines: Expanding her knowledge with chemistry and various experiments, Lola has been able to create a variety of floral scented oils and perfumes. She's even learned how to ferment certain fruits and flowers to created edible drinks. This is still an ongoing hobby she's been messing around with and she hopes to one day perfect the craft.
Immediate Family/Known Bloodlines
Oslyn Firestorm: Great great grand mother, unknown (ancestral tie to Bleeding Souls)
more relations to come later

Alistair Callow-Knight, living

Pons Giroux: a Norwegian Elkhound from Lola's shady mysterious past in Paris. He's suddenly come back into Lola's life, claiming he's come to collect on a debt she owes him. First introduction thread can be found: here
Loralei, last name known only to her, has a past that is a bit of a mystery. Hailing from Cornwall England, she had old family ties to the Bleeding Souls lands which led her to Freetown in May where she spent the majority of her time seducing those who could help her cause and sleeping with others that could sate her thirst. Lola's demon was nymphomania (till Alistair), but she wasn't always like this.

A yearling incident robbed her of shame and what little integrity she had left when the man of her dreams was utterly ripped out of her grasp. Young, naive, and impressionable, Lorelei was led to believe that in order to get the man she so coveted and loved, she'd need to be experienced in bed. Unsure and virginal, the woman was tricked into sleeping with multiple men in town in hopes her crush would find her desirable and perhaps ask for her hand.

Word traveled quickly in the tight knit community she called home and soon enough the woman was ostracized as a whore. The man she wanted shunned her, along with the rest of her family. She was made out to be the laughing stock of her village, unwanted goods, and unfit for marriage. With no real options in sight, Loralei fled to Paris, where she was quickly snatched up by the nefarious, Pons Giroux. The strange elkhound posed as a kind-hearted friend, taking the young girl under his wing and introducing her to the dark underbelly of Paris.

Pons taught her all she knows about intimacy and sex, turning the ingenue into his "Lolita" seemingly over night. She grew to trust and even love him during her time with him, and soon her appetite for making love became insatiable, a demon he created and brought to life. Seeing her worth and how she was able to catch the eyes of many wealthy admirers, Pons decided to pimp her out, but only to highest buyers. As young as she was, she didn't see the harm in this, trusting the older man's judgement and wishing only to please him.

Eventually even Pons became enraptured in his little Lolita's charms and grew jealous of the girl's lovers he'd set up for her, especially after he'd had too much smoke or drink. He forbade her from going out on anymore "visits" though his debt soon returned from his unhealthy habit of gambling. On a night when he was too drunk to what was up or down, a stranger with a pretty face lured Lola from the hovel that had become their home. Her name was Selene and she rescued Lola from the disgusting creature Pons had become.

Selene put her to "honest" work as a dancing girl in her Burlesque show. Here the experienced woman was idolized and coveted by all, taking lovers as she pleased with this new found freedom, and continuing to feed her demons. She was protected from Pons in Selene's realm, and eventually came to learn the horrid truth of what he was to her and what he'd done. The elkhound had played the essential part of eclipsing her innocence, creating a seductress that knew no limits.

Growing bored of her admirers and the endless pageantry of shows, Lola decided to resign and explore the world, Freetown and its saloons becoming her new home. Comfort never lasts long for the silver fae and the itch that constantly needs scratching so Lola decided to once again pick up her things and roam, tracking down her family history a small part of her decision but mostly to seek out the delicious familiarity of new lovers and get as far away as possible from the place that left her so jaded.

Lola's horse: Mourning Dove aka Dove and her feline "son": d'Artagnan
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