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The Erilaz

The Erilaz
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31st August 2016
A large, high content wolfdog. O'Riley strongly resembles a Tundra Wolf in coloration and build. His mostly gray two-toned pelt this is accented by tawny accents on his face, body, and tail. Silver can be found mixed in his darker fur, especially around his back, tail, and thighs. His eyes are pale purple, and a callback to his Helsi heritage. The most obvious hybridization is in his face, which has a melanistic mask. O'Riley hides his weight well, and is a muscular and compact animal. He has multiple scars, with the most prominent visible on his limbs and torso.

O'Riley has a rough voice, due in part to injury. He speaks lowly and in a slightly monotone fashion. He is multilingual, and fluent in two other languages.

As a member of Salsola, O'Riley regularly disguises his scent when outside of the packlands. He favors travel and hunting in his Secui form, which is one of his most commonly used.

When in his Optime form, O'Riley most commonly wears a belted utility kilt. He goes shirtless when possible, and sleeveless otherwise. In poor weather he will wear a water-resistant leather cloak. Notably, O'Riley has Luperci-made leather armor tailored to his size. This has been repaired and replaced over the years, and some pieces are newer than others. His weapon of choice is a sword, and he owns two.

In general, O'Riley appears self-assured, relaxed, dominant, and vaguely aggressive.
Highly intelligent and completely ruthless, O'Riley is a Machiavellian schemer and manipulator, confident to the point of arrogance and suspicious as to the motives of everyone around him. Despite this, he knows the value of a powerful alliance or a shared enemy, and generally tolerates his peers and subordinates. When dealing with Outsiders and "inferior" others, he puts on a false-face for as long as suits his needs, though regularly becomes explosively violent. He's mean, regularly pushing buttons and bullying those he perceives as or behavior he considers weak. Owing to his family connections and position in Salsola, as well as several incidents during his youth with corroborated his perception, O'Riley has ridiculously high opinion of himself and his abilities.

Royalty within his own pack, O'Riley sees his bloodline as superior. He in general looks down upon others, values blood connections as important. In addition to this, O'Riley believes females naturally superior to males and puts more weight in matriarchal leadership, and views other males as potential rivals. Old people annoy O'Riley, who finds most of them to act like stubborn know-it-alls. He thinks all children are stupid, but is more tolerant of adolescents.

O'Riley does not worship any particular deities, though believes in spirits and gods as a concept that may or may not influence the living world. He is a believer in fate and destiny, and that both can be influenced. Though a mostly-rational person, O'Riley pays careful attention to things which he think might impact his life. He makes and carries charms, avoids "bad energy", and pays attention to astrology. According to Hearg Njorth lore, O'Riley is exceptionally magical.
O'Riley belongs to the D'Angelo, de le Poer, Eternity, Helsi, Kotovo, Lykoi, Sylfr, and Winters families.
Igor Kotovo (cNPC)
O'Riley Eternity is the Erilaz (subleader) of Salsola. A mostly-wolf hybrid, he shares a penchant for violence and connections to some of the pack's most powerful and notorious families.

The son of Blair Eternity and Reykja Helsi, O'Riley was born in the late summer of 2016. He and his family soon after moved to Fort Preble in Portland. O'Riley's residence there would not last long, as he was sent to live with his grandmother shortly before he was old enough to shift. Raised by the Boss and his grandfather, O'Riley would witness the Second Boreas Conflict while under their guardianship. During his adolescence he lived with his elder cousin Grievous Eternity.

He is one of the primary instigators of the Inferni-Salsola War, and directly responsible for an event which allowed his cousin Elphaba to oust her father from both his position and their pack. In the months to follow the war's conclusion the pair would go even further in their quest for dominance and overthrow their grandmother and then-Boss, Salvia Eternity. Together, they assumed control of Salsola.

Beyond his duties as second-in-command, O'Riley acts as a spy and gathers information on other packs and Outsiders, working in close partnership with Kamari Kaiser. Within Salsola, he serves as a hunter, frequently collaborating with members of the Ranger faction.

Eager to see his and Elphaba's rule be just as successful as the pack's "golden age", O'Riley has continued to focus on bettering Salsola despite the many questionable incidents that seem to happen along the way...

Outside of the pack, O'Riley uses the alias "Elhaz", and claims to be a loner living somewhere around the Halcyon Mountain.
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