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22nd March 2010
Insomnia is, in short, a beauty. She's rather petite, but don't let her small stature fool you! She can pack quite the punch, if need be, for underneath that smooth black fur, just above the thin, tiny bone structure, are lean, well trained muscles. Deceiving, perhaps, but it is that surprising moment when the enemy realizes she isn't quite as weak as they thought that benefits her, and she's proud of it. Her face is almost, but not quite, a tad too small for her body, making her appear pup-like when she's happy. Of course, part of this has a habit of being a result of her power.

Her fur is thick and soft and of a medium length, though it tends to lengthen around her neck, cheeks, tail and elbows. Insomnia doesn't think of herself as being extremely beautiful, and perhaps she isn't. Perhaps she is simply average looking. She keeps her fur clean and tidy, but otherwise she is nothing special to look at, in her opinion. The base colour of her fur is a dark shade of midnight black. Her sleek form is then highlighted with a medium shade of a dark gray. The gray stains the inside of her ears and dusts along her cheeks and the side of her neck.

Her eyes are probably one of her best features - bright and vibrant - a bright shade of icy blue and vibrant green. She has a calm, calculating gaze, and it is not often that she shows her emotions to anybody else. Her gaze is often lidded, giving her a lazy look. Insomnia often wears three war feathers behind her ear. One tan fading to a dark brown, one a scarlet red and one a navy blue. She considers this a type of traditional war-dressing.
20% cooler than you.
Insomnia is a very happy-go-lucky, spirited coywolf. She's almost always happy. She is very bold and outgoing, and loves to show her affections to those she loves. She loves making new friends, but if she's made an enemy it will obviously cloud her thoughts with worry and anxiety. She will approach any canine with good intentions, but sometimes her aggressive approach scares others away. Still, she always tries to befriend whoever she comes across.

Despite this, she doesn't make as many friends as one might think. Sometimes, Insomnia can get jealous or paranoid. For instance, if she has a group of friends and has grown close to one, but that one goes and gets close to another canine, she'll get very mad and jealous. It isn't as though she'll express those feelings, though, besides muttering a few things to herself. Well, most of the time she'll just do that. But if she gets seriously angry and jealous, she might end up snapping. And she gets paranoid about her friends talking about her behind her back, or laughing at her when she's not looking. So, she always likes to act cool in front of others. But she can be a very good source of comfort, always offering her shoulder for her friends to cry on. She always tries to encourage her friends and cheer them on. Her worst fear is failing. Failing is something hard for her to take. She always has to succeed, no matter the task. Hachi's worst fear is not being able to protect her loved ones. If Insomnia has nothing to do, she'll do one of two things. Sit around, wallowing in boredom. Or sit around, lost in her imagination. While she's lost in thought, she doesn't really hear anything that is said to her.
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