Frost Eberhardt

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Wolfdog (50% Grey wolf 50% Irish wolfhound)
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15th January 2014
Luperci Ortus
Born to an Irish wolfhound father and a Grey wolf mother the boy's facial structure closely resembles that of his wolf heritage with the exception of his father's scruffy chin fur and signature wave to his coat. Taking heavily after his father, nearly mirroring in coloration, the boy's fur has earthen tones as opposed to the snowy hues of his mother. Armed with a pair of dusty brown eyes dividing a crest of rich chocolate brown fur and an undercoating of a gentle beige that trails from the bottom of his eyes taking up a majority of his underside. Encasing the beige from the shoulders down is the very same chocolate brown that makes up the crest above the eyes.

A dusty brown takes up the job of bordering underside beige between the bottom of the neck and the bottom of his ears. Sitting between this fluffy ears is the man's tuft of hair that makes up the frontal portion of his slicked and relatively short hairstyle. The man holds an athletic physique that properly compliments his stature. A body born from the rigorous lesson on survival that tested his body in preparation for the long journey he would eventually take.
Raised for a majority by his father with little interaction with others in their small troop of nomadic canines produced a nearly identical personality in Frost. Hard work was a key component to the daily routine of the Eberhardt child giving him a strong work ethic. This ethic, however, doesn't stop him from expecting the worse giving way to a rather pessimistic outlook. Such an outlook has bred anxiety in the boy where an unfamiliar situation is often times avoided in favor of a more recognizable activity. With these level of contemplation, he became cautious weighing each option presented to ensure that he has made the right choice.

Shortcomings aside, the male has a soft heart that feels for those around him. Rarely can the man resist trying to help another in need using his fast-paced thinking and all resources available to assist. Such an intensely active mind requires stimulation, this craving has created reading into an addiction for the Eberhardt male. With each new piece of information, another goal is added to the earnestly ambitious male. Expectantly, he took after his father's sense of duty making the young man one who honors commitment and honesty. In general, he was raised to seek out his dreams while not forgetting the people who've helped him along the way.
Screams could be heard as an expecting mother began to push out her only son. Holding the hand of this young woman was Johan Eberhardt, Frost's father, encouraging his lover in this time of great distress. Soon a young boy had been brought into the world and a proud father scooped up the still blind fur ball. As Johan glanced about their makeshift den, ice coating much of the exterior and their breath hanging in the air, he knew what to call the boy.

Frost, had started his childhood with both parents but alas all was not as perfect as it seemed. Beneath the veil of joy, the two were at odds with one another with their love fading away at an alarming rate. One night she vanished, without even a single word spoken to either Johan or Frost they awoke to find no trace of her. Now a single father, Johan took up his position of sole caretaker without hesitation.

The boy was taught about the world that they inhabited and all that lay beyond the horizon. Book after book, lesson after lesson, Johan aimed to give his son a proper education. Theses lessons would go from penmanship to the art of survival. The world was a dangerous place and the father knew his growing boy would want to see what was beyond the so often discussed horizon.

Nearing his second year of life, Frost had finally gotten the courage to ask his father's permission to venture alone. Johan felt a mixture of pride and despair hearing his son's desires but nevertheless, he granted the boy his wish. Before departing for his exploration the father granted his son a survival back he had scavenged and repaired, a few books, a journal, writing materials, and a black serrated machete aptly named Black Betty.

Having dressed in his hooded attire, strapped on his gear, and built up enough confidence Frost marched out to explore what the land beyond had to offer. The journey was a quiet one for a majority only rarely ever breaking out in any sort of scuffle. Frost had been a curious boy taking up the recommended routes of fellow travelers but one, in particular, held an unexpected surprise. A scream broke the usual silence, the boy could hardly recall what happened next as he felt his fist collide with another man's face and then the next minute he was sitting on the cold forest floor with a girl.

Her name was Shade, an unexpected partner that would join him on their journey. Having a particularly aggressive motivator of an angered Kai, the male that had been attacking Shade, the pair hastily made their way towards a heavily discussed place. 'Souls, a land filled with fresh opportunities and plenty of packs to house the wanderers.
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