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Luperci Ortus
It's almost as if she isn't real, just smoke slipping through your fingers, melting into the background and slipping away from sight. Caboose is a slippery creature of around an average height and weight, but her body is slim; her skin wraps around her sleek, muscled form in a tight, alluring fit; accentuating the curves she possesses, especially around her strong hips. Her legs are long and thin compared to the large, sturdy paws at the ends of them, and her facial structure is the same as the rest of her - slim and sharp. Although she may look a little too thin, she is fit and healthy - her body structure built for speed and evasive manoeuvres rather than brute strength. Her light build allows her to be extremely silent when she moves - a skill which she utilises more often than not. Caboose is a proud wolf, holding herself up tall and strong.

Thick, soft fur of a medium length covers her body, lengthening around her neck, cheeks, tail and elbows. Caboose doesn't think of herself as being extremely beautiful, and perhaps she isn't. Perhaps she is simply average looking. The base colour of her fur is a light shade of cream, with an underbelly and throat of a pure white (which also tips her toes). Her sleek form is then highlighted with a timber wolf gray that sometimes can only be noticed if the light falls on her in such a way. Her eyes are probably one of her best features - bright and eerie - a vibrant shade of screaming green. She has a calm, calculating gaze, and it is not often that she shows her emotions to anybody else. Her face, though not cold, has an apathetic quality to it - almost as if she's constantly bored. Her gaze is often lidded, giving her a lazy look.
This wolf is nothing short of brilliant. She's eager to learn, a quick study, and a curious creature who wont hesitate to experiment until she either figures it out or gets it right. Better yet, Caboose is a wolf who almost never forgets. A bit of a savant when it comes to memory, if she can figure it out once, she can easily repeat the steps it took in order to get the same results in the future. She is also a protector of the wolves around her that she cares for and trusts. She is not afraid to yell and scream, if it may benefit the wolf receiving the punishment. She will guard others lives against pitfalls and perils and see to their safety and security. If that means a little tough love, then so be it. With her extraordinary commitment to security, and with her unusual talent for executing routines to complete precision, Caboose is very well rounded in this department. will take orders and respond to them right away, making her extremely loyal to others.

She is not keen to hiding her feelings from others, though she is generally good natured and comforting. She has a tendency to say exactly what is on his mind, Caboose the type of individual who will often tell others what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. She is a 'survivalist', skilled in hunting, tracking and generally keeping herself out of sight to the point of being lethal in certain situations. The female is good at thinking outside the box, and has a strong sense of intuition. Caboose is very strong, in all senses of the word, as well as stubborn and determined. She will thoroughly think things through, only acting on impulse when action is required immediately. She will do anything to survive, which may make her seem a little ruthless, but she isn't bad, or particularly immoral. Even though she can sometimes be a bit self-centered and self-reliant, there are occasions where she shows a noble side, protecting those she loves. For example, caring and looking out for her siblings when their mother died. She will not walk on whilst another is being wrongly persecuted, and feels a strong instinct to defend those weaker than herself.
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