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100% Canis Lupus
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8th February 2008
Raeka is a one-hundred percent wolf, although which species of wolf is up for debate. With a limited number of non-shifters available, her pack often mixed their lines with other wolf subspecies, thus leading to an unknown mixture of wolf blood that runs through her veins. Although mostly brown, her coat is littered with gold, grey, and red highlights.
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Raeka is by no means a small wolf. In optime for she stands at 6'5" (193cm) with a lean stature and glossy coat. Raeka is 40 in (102cm) in her secui form and 32 in (82 cm) in her lupus form.

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Raeka is as stubborn as they come and wont take no for an answer. She can be overconfident at the worst times and does not do well in the subordinate position. Her intelligence is by far her best aspect, although as a non-shifter her hunting skills can be considered up to par. However, this does not make Raeka a pushover. Dominance fights among her siblings were not uncommon affairs and Raeka is used to putting others in their place. Although she can be quick to bite, Raeka is not one to panic or loose her head to anger. She is very cool under pressure and can easily keep a level head.
Raeka was born in what was formerly the Southeast area of Pennsylvania to a feral pack. Through intense breeding, careful conduct, and a little bit of luck, the Rain pack managed to keep their status as non-shifters among the growing population of luperci. Although the Rain pack interacted with their three-formed cousins, they kept all pups and yearlings secluded from the luperci.

Raeka, along with her four siblings, grew up believing that the shifters were monsters to be feared and suspected, just as their parents and grandparents were raised. However, as time passed and Raeka was allowed to see the luperci, she found them no different from herself. Although the way of the luperci could be strange to her, she saw no reason to fear them or even remain separate from the shifters. Raeka's dissenting opinion and strong will sent a rift between herself and her parents, the Alpha's. As she grew older, her dominance and stubbornness only with her and by the time she was two years old, she was spending more time away from the pack than with it.

As her third fall arrived, the natural rift between offspring and sibling grew to an unbearable level and Raeka left her birth pack for good. She spent over two months wandering up the coast, meandering through the mountains and forests at a leisurely pace. Her adequate hunting skills helped her to survive on a diet of mice, rabbits, raccoons, and fish until she reached Nova Scotia.
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