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Amongst the hybridage of coyote and red wolf, coyote clearly wins over Omni's appearance by far. Her coat consists primarily of Mule Fawn, ticked off with slight alterations of that tone, just a few shades lighter or darker. Her fur is smooth and silky, soft to the touch, but not overly long like that of wolf fur. Her underbelly, legs, face, tail and arms are all painted with an exquisite, creamy Di Sierra The only feature inheirited from her wolf breeding seems to be her eyes, a stunning and clear Mountain Meadow She has two small silver piercings in each ear, as well as two horizontal slashes over her eye. A fading angry scar, reading out the words "WHORE" graces her inner thigh.

In Optime form, Omni is long and slender, with slight curves on her chest and hips. She carries herself more human-like with her back straight as well as her legs. Her hair is a darker brown, and falls to the middle of her back in a sideswept grace, a chocolatey Deep Oak

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Omni seems to carry a clever, perhaps more cunning air about her. Clearly intelligent, she uses it to the best of her advantage. To some, she may seem utterly stable and solid in her position, but is prone to bouts of caring and sensitivity at times.
Omni grew up in a rather abusive home with her mother, being the result of one of her mother's one-night flings. From birth she was deeply despised by her mother, often beaten senseless from the time she could walk. Her body sold off to men for liquor, Omni had never known a happier childhood. None in the village in which she lived seemed to know of her situation, and the blind eye was turned to her. One night of courage had taken her, and ultimately she ended up killing her mother Vera in an attempt to end things.

When able to shift, she found herself in the company of a boy in the village named Andre who had helped her cope with her mother and care for her just like a mate. But one misjudgement and accusation caused Andre to fill with rage, carving the words "WHORE" into her inner leg with a knife. The morning after, Omni fled, finding her way to Nova Scotia.

Whispers of a solely structured coyote clan fell to Omni's ears, and intrigued she was. She found her way there, joining up quickly to find herself among the ranks. Upon living in Inferni, she met a man by the name of Jacinto Lykoi, and easily fell in love. After a couple months of courtship, she agreed to be his mate. Upon that, they both got scarifications of a heart on their wrist on that night, symbolizing their bond.

After a while, Omni grew restless for children. The pair copulated, but Omni miscarried before they could be born. Finding a lone, orphan puppy that they named Sinatrai Lykoi in the forests just outside Inferni helped them both heal from that incident.

But Jacinto grew distant, and ended up sleeping with an Aniwayan woman, Io. Io grew pregnant with his pups, and as the news was brought to her, she didn't take it well. She left him, enraged and hurt by the news. She held no grudge for him, but was deeply scarred. Omni left Inferni for a while, seeking a home in New Brunswick until she could find herself. She returned better, happier.
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