Cwicseolfor Faintree

Nicoletta Daniella
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Akita Inu dominant x Coyote (at least 35%)
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8th March 2010
Her coat is a smooth gradation of red and silver brindle with white muzzle, chest, and paw-tips. In typical Akita fashion triangle ears sit high upon a broad head and underneath two dark beady eyes sit close together. Her muzzle is shorter compared to purebred wild cousins, and she is marked with the tell-tale sign of domesticity: a luscious, poignantly curled tail. Her legs are an extravagant length made all the more noticeable by thickset paws. Cwic wears no clothes or other adornments.
Height/Length: 3.5 ft/4.5 ft (unshifted); 6 ft 4 in (shifted)
Weight: 120 lbs (unshifted); 150 lbs (shifted)
Cwicseolfor is Old English for 'Quicksilver'.
The universe has spun an enigma with this paradoxical archetype of both trickster and faithful companion. Due within her soul is a spiral constantly going in-and-out of chaos and control. Despite the magic beneath her skin she gives the outer world a serene persona, that is, until one figures out how to unlock the cage. One never knows what creature (or monster) might leap out.

For most of her waking life she slipped through the cracks of society, finding her way along the edges of cultural umbra like a predatory specter stalks an unknown mystery. For lack of life-and-death's ability to tie her down to any one place long enough she has few enemies and fewer friends. She comes to this new land and reluctantly finds an unidentified seed planted inside of her: attachment. She won't deny her heart's desires, so she accepts the changing circumstances of old fleeting ways. After all, that is her namesake.
Great Grandparents, Hachi and Miku Fujisawa, immigrated from Japan to North America for reasons they wished to forget. They changed their family name to Faintree, and began their "Americanized" lineage in a remote Alaskan wilderness. A large family pack was born, and over time the Faintree lines were diluted heavily with wolf and coyote blood.
It came as a giant surprise to Hachi and Miku when a small boat of long-lost Japanese Akita relatives floated over and found the Fujisawa/Faintree family. Over time the akita/wolf/coyote bloodlines became so muddled that Hachi and Miku felt they created a whole new species. Being modest they never bragged about it, though their large diverse family brought the aging couple's hearts much honor and joy. However, Cwicseolfor's marred conception was kept silent. Others pretend not to know why she is a little different, a little too distant. Meanwhile, Death stood in her shadow and laughed at its oblivious creation.
Kith & Kin Warian, Mearh, Dream, tons more to be named.
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