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Spring Spree 2020
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11th July 2015
Luperci Ortus
Sebastien strongly resembles a sighthound mix, with a deep chest and lean, compact build. As such, he boasts a supple figure in all forms; suited for agility and running. While the groomed, medium-length coat of his mixed heritage aids him in warmer seasons, the male struggles to retain warmth in winter without adding layers of clothing.

Bastien often wears a smile on his face, and his eyes seem to dance with a mischievous glint to their depths. Due to his bobbed-tail, the male expresses himself physically with hand gestures and facial cues to overcome this boundary.

His outward appearance is soft, with eyes often set into the far distance or with a mischievous glint to their depths, which is at odds with how he styles himself. His clothing and accessories have a 'rough' look to them, although he been influenced by Salsola's emphasis on sophistication and seeks out better quality goods. Piercings adorn both ears and his left brow, chains dangle from his neck, wrists, and hips as he moves, leather gathers at his wrists and tattoos adorn his body. Bastien inherited Garreth's messy, windswept hair which he has a frequency to style into thick, voluminous spikes.

Many cuts and scars mark his flesh, due to an encounter with the vicious Dystopia Massacre. These include slices across the forehead and bridge of his muzzle and an assortment of crudely drawn symbols made with a knife's edge along his shoulders, arms, and legs.

Sebastien bears a scallop branded onto his left collarbone and a nautical star tattooed on the inside of his right wrist. Since joining Salsola he was branded with the Hand of Eris by Calla Valentine to prove his loyalty.

The dog is fond of jewellery and both of his ears are pierced multiple times, as well as his brow. With his fondness for wearing spikes, the favourite piece of his collection is a Luperci made leather bracelet dyed a dark colour and decorated with metal studs.

Sebastien is vulnerable to cold and often bundles up into layers to keep himself warm on colder days. He adores his red and black plaid scarf and is seldom seen without it.
At his core, Sebastien wishes for peace between the species and struggles with the division and inequalities of the world. He endeavors to see the best in others and genuinely believes that everyone is deserving of love and kindness. The concept of malice is alien to him, and this has unfortunately led to him being exploited. Beneath his sunny disposition, he can be shy about sharing his true self. He handles negativity poorly, afraid that he will disappoint or harm others.

Sebastien runs on boundless energy, loving nothing more than running, making others laugh, and having fun. Routine keeps his restlessness at bay, as he would rather depend on stability over the uncertainty of change. His focus ebbs and flows, however as he flits from task to task achieving little.

He loves to make others laugh and have fun, receiving satisfaction from spreading joy to others. He relies on humour to break the ice when he’s feeling nervous. The canine is fond of using pet names such as ‘honey’, 'sugar', or ‘dear’ in a similar fashion. His gentleness put him at odds with unsympathetic people, but he would rather love than hate.

Even though he comes from a bloodline of hunting dogs, Sebastien has a fondness for the animals in his care. He prides himself in his work and tries to provide the best possible life for his flock. Even as a young pup he could often be found cuddling with abandoned ducklings or protecting a bullied creature. Children hold a soft spot for the male, as they are truly innocent and a blessing.
Mother: Madeline Dubois (off-board)
Father: Garreth Stone (off-board)
Half-sibling(s): Everett Moreau*
Adoptive sibling: Sabre Stone
Adopted children: Eden de le Ulrich and Evelyn de le Ulrich
Mate Coaxoch Ulrich

Niece: Hulda Moreau*

Please note an asterisk denotes the character does not know about this relationship, and has not met them.
Tara, an Indian runner duck
Please note his profile and this section is a WIP.

The only son of a former pirate and a runaway from courtly trappings, he was raised in the remnants of a farm in The Blacklands. He was an energetic and sweet pup who lived an average life. He made strong bonds with his adoptive non-Luperci sibling, Sabre, as well as a kindly trader and his mysterious son. When he was old enough to take care of himself, and with his parent’s encouragement, he left for Freetown.

Along the way, he encounters Juniper Peace and travels with them for several months. Bastien is greatly inspired by its non-judgemental and carefree way of life and develops various interests and expertise. The man gained an appreciation for the pack's Buddhist influences, ability to commune with creatures, and varied spirituality.

Upon reaching Portland, he apprenticed underneath a trader called Mama Ava and offered his creative services as an artist of the flesh; tattooing, piercing, dyeing, etc. Alongside the older woman, he picked up valuable skills in trade and multiple methods of body modification as well as a greater appreciation of Ava’s Voodoo beliefs.

During this time of personal growth, Bastien encountered Mykr Stormbringer who he develops feelings for. Their relationship is short-lived however after his partner is left shaken in the aftermath of the Red Star's fall. He struggled with his grief at losing his beloved mentor and his attempts at consoling his mate and reluctantly breaks things off.
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