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Rey Salvaje

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Rey Salvaje
Luperci Shifting seasons
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Date of Birth:
13th April 2017

Size Reference
Optime: 245 lbs (111 kg) — 6 ft 8 in (203 cm)
Secui: 160 lbs (72.5 kg) — 46 in (117 cm)
Lupus: 90 lbs (41 kg) — 34 in (86 cm)

Unmistakably coywolf; larger than a coyote, yet smaller than a wolf, with blocky, sharp features in equal measure. His outward appearance is rough-hewn and choppy, and distinctly masculine. His firm and steady stance paired with unyielding focus lends credence to an almost stand-offish and bristly outwards demeanor, even when that isn't certainly the case. His coat is thick and somewhat wiry, contrasting between his sandy underbelly and salt-and-pepper back. Thanks to his Mexican subspecies, he's inherited splashes of rich, ruddy red. Nazario's body has many small, superficial marks beneath his pelt, certainly easy to overlook -- save for a triangular arrowhead scar butted up against his right shoulder blade and a scar running the right side of his face, and his right eye is distinctly missing.

Nazario is moderately humanized - he likes clothing, but is not averse to go without; He is predominantly in optime form, but will readily shift between for whatever task is at hand. He favors practicality over flash or decoration - which leans into his almost ever-present serious expression.

Nazario's body language is guarded, closed off, and tentative. He does carry himself confidently, and moves his hands firmly and with guiding motion - belying purpose in his sparse actions.

Speech: Low, soft, and oftentimes thoughtful. He thinks before he speaks, sometimes at the risk of seeming over-calculating. He stumbles over his words when flustered.

Headstrong, stubborn, steadfast, and unshakable - early childhood had set Nazario up for a lifetime of staunch independence and patriotism. With a wildly unchecked ego, he's internalized much of his own grandiose ideals, and, with the birth of his younger siblings, he fancied himself in the newfound role of trusted authority. Prior hardships have forged him into a hardy, if guarded individual, who shield and protects himself with a stern demeanor, or bone-dry humor.

He values loyalty in his family and the rare close relationship, and tolerates very little that bends or strays from his morals and worldview. Dependent on the depth of the relationship, he doesn't hesitate to cut ties to a severe and almost self-sabotaging degree.

Nazario finds it difficult to relate to those around him - and oftentimes proves to be flighty and fleeting with his connections, seemingly more than content to keep those around him at a respectable emotional distance than dare to dig deeper bonds amidst his peers thanks to an underlying sense of paranoia over inevitable loss.

Despite this, however, he does treat others around him with respect and patience, and while averse to sharing, he is more than willing to lend an ear or offer himself up in service to his community.




Mother: Vicira Tears
Father: Andrew Winthrop (ne. Redtooth)

Family: Del Bosque (Honorary)
Mother: Joaquina del Bosque (ne. Liliana Alvarez)
Father: Fidel Alvarez
  • Unnamed x 6

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Riselka, b. Grade Horse, March 2017 A large, muscular, wily mare more or less trained up by himself as she was left behind upon Inferni's disbanding as a yearling. Riselka is the only thing Nazario has left of Vicira Tears, and regards her fondly, despite her temperamental and spirited flaws.
Ill-fated and poorly started, Nazario's life began in upheaval. His mother died in childbirth and orphaned seven small pups, all of which were picked off in the early days of their life by exposure, hunger or illness, leaving Nazario alone. Luckily for him, fellow packmates of Inferni found him, and raised him communally. He grew up within the pack, profoundly independent, and in a period of utter prosperity beneath the tutelage and guidance of the then-Aquila's daughter, Vicira Tears.

Shortly after his first shifting, his foolhardy personality threw him on trajectory for poor decision making - the Inferni-Salsola War sparked in him a righteous form of patriotism and pro-coyote mentality. While Inferni's health waned, this superiority never faltered. When the coyote clan eventually splintered, he stuck together with the rag-tag band left in its wake, branding itself as The Cartel. While the group held together well enough, Nazario and his brother, Boone, held themselves to an aggrandized standard, and yearned for something more - during the summer of 2019, on the heels of a conflict that hunted after another Loner Band they'd partnered with, the duo founded the Del Cenere Gang.

While his brother may have stepped down from the mantle of his second-in-command, Nazario still holds onto his crown as the Rey Salvaje.

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