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25th January 2017
Calrian is a self-proclaimed devilishly handsome scoundrel. In reality, he is proportionate — if not a little on the lanky side — and well groomed. His expressions can give off the impression that he's up to no good, and his smiles lean a little self-satisfied (maybe he thinks he's cute?) Overall, he does have a keen sense for presentation and doesn't hesitate to flex this skill.

True to his wolf and dog ancestry, Calrian's fur is plush, double-coated, and soft to the touch. In his Optime form, his hair is raven-black and often swept back in a look of breezy nonchalance. His brother helps him keep it short with frequent haircuts.

Calrian grew up in a humanized household and feels most comfortable with clothing, tools, and shelter. His Revlis blood has given him a love of fine things, especially useless but aesthetically pleasing things. As a result, he is typically found in some manner of ostentatious attire. Valuing quality over quantity, Calrian's wardrobe consists of only a few different outfits that he rotates or intermixes depending on the season. He is always looking to add to his small but budding collection.

Size Reference
Optime: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) ↔ 195 lbs (88 kg)
Secui: 40 in (16 cm) ↔ 145 lbs (66 kg)
Lupus: 31 in (12 cm) ↔ 82 lbs (37 kg)
Clever • Quick-witted • Cheerful • Ostentatious
Speech: Calrian has a pleasant, honeyed voice that's easy to listen to, which is good, because he talks a lot. He is fluent in Common (English) and Spanish.

Calrian was born with the silver tongue of a Revlis and the effortless charm of an Amaranthe; his role as Broker of the Troupe was thus a natural one. He possesses an enterprising spirit, and is always on the lookout for unique and rare objects and opportunities. Calrian has a way of kindly commanding attention, whether to himself or to others, and can keep tensions light and spirits lifted even in the most challenging situations. He loves to take a gamble on new things and experiences - as long as it's new.

Although he is not prone to introspection, his keen observation of others has shaped him into a terribly clever businessman. At his worst, he can be a manipulator of people and self-serving, even if his heart is mostly in the right place. Most of his troubles can be traced to his own curiosity, typically a driving force behind his actions. He does have an impulse for heroics (thanks ma), especially when it comes to pretty ladies, but would rather flee with his prize than stick around and fight with honor. When the conditions call for it, Calrian can be serious, but it takes a lot to get there and even then one can expect him to crack a joke or two. Fearless, reckless, and an incorrigible scamp, he thrives in sticky situations. Much of his wisdom is hard-earned, mostly from digging his way out of his own mischief.
Immediate Family
Mother: Semini Amaranthe
Father: Lokr Revlis
Littermate: Malik
Younger: Serafina, Morholt, Siolene
Half Siblings:
Maternal: Tiamat, Lotan
Paternal: Elphaba Revlis, Krios Heiwa, Maugrim Revlis
cNPC: Salem
Born to Semini Amaranthe and Lokr Revlis one bright winter morning, Calrian and Malik had an idyllic childhood between the riverlands of Krokar and the forests of Mount Oromocto, where their parents kept a quaint and hidden cabin. Calrian grew up free of the influence of Salsola or his own dark lineage there, but he has heard many stories of his mother's homelands and his older siblings.

In the winter of 2017, Calrian's parents returned to Onuba following the inheritance of Semini's late father's ship. Deciding they had brighter futures elsewhere, Calrian and Malik declined to go with them. Together, they said their farewells to Krokar and left to make a new life for themselves in Portland. While there, they met many interesting characters, who upon realizing each other's talents, formed a group. Things were good for a time, until an incident involving rescuing an old man led to all of them getting the boot from the city.

Following this, the brothers Amaranthe traveled the country roads of Nova Scotia with The Troupe while picking up new faces along the way, and singing, sleeping, and doing (mostly) whatever they want. After a rough winter in 2020, they settled in a schoolhouse on old Inferni territory and brought to life their newest enterprise, La Estrella Roja.

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