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Discord Handle: Tilu#0180
Gray wolf
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3rd April 2015
Kasilu is a gray wolf that looks different from his siblings, whose appearance mostly takes after his father instead of his mother.

He has fur that is mostly a light gray (#bbb7b1) covering him, with a dark gray (#726d66) starting from his nose runs across his head and down his back and ending on the top of his hind legs, but not going onto his tail. The same dark gray covers his paws and fades halfway up all four legs. On his ears, seeming to dust over the dark gray on the top of his neck and back, is a light brown (#9d7559), that stretches to the tip of his tail. The underside of his neck, belly and tail the fur there is lighter gray (#d6d4d2) in color than what colors the majority of his body. His eyes are light green (#80ae84) in color, the same color as his mother's eyes.

The majority of his fur is relatively normal length, though the fur around his neck and tail are longer than the rest giving him more of a fluffy look in those areas than is usual.

Kasilu stands at a height of 32 inches tall at his shoulders, and has a weight of 100 pounds.

Kasilu is shy, and always has been, so he won't be fully willing to talk much to those who he doesn't know, and he won't want to open up about things to those who he doesn't know well.

He can occasionally be seen talking to himself, or perhaps occasionally at others (whether they can understand or not), in his mother tongue of Jeþìsi, though he'll generally talk to others in the language of English.

Kasilu is fond of stargazing, he may not know everything there is and what they are all called, but at night he can be frequently found gazing up at the stars if he's awake instead of sleeping.

He is almost always willing to go adventuring around, by himself or with others. Need a friend to go somewhere with you? Well then, Kasilu's your guy. Just don't expect to have extremely long conversations on the journey unless Kasilu considers you a friend.

He is not overly fond of the emotion that is known as anger, Kasilu considers it to not be conductive to solving problems along with being an emotion that typically hinders progress of almost any sort.
Parents. Askar and Rejo
Siblings. Karo, Salivo
Kasilu was born to his parents, Askar and Rejo along with his two siblings Karo and Salivo under the night sky that was full of stars. In Kasilu's early years he explored a lot with his brother Salivo whenever the two got a chance. He was always open about talking about everything with Salivo, and down to explore everything and anything.

When the three siblings, Karo, Kasilu, and Salivo, were all around a year old Kasilu and Salivo would finally convince Karo to go exploring with them. Karo was obviously not enthused about the adventure but would go anyway to please the other two siblings.

That adventure ended up in the heartbreak that is losing a sibling. Karo and Kasilu wound up avoiding each other more than before that event happened, but made up not too long after. Sadness happens in life and sometimes it's not worth blaming others for it.

And so he decided to wander, wherever he could get to, wanting to not forget his close sibling's death. He knew that he couldn't do anything to change it. So he just silently accepted it, but so he left home, in hopes to find another home, not caring where that other home was, if it was close or as far away as one could get.

Anywhere he could see the stars well was fine by him.
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