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Mother of Ravens
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12th March 2016
Woodsmoke is about 5'8" in height while in optime. Though she rarely is ever found on two legs, preferring to stick to secui and lupus. She looks very much like a wolf, however the in her dog is apparent is apparent in some ways. Her ears, though still pointed, hearken more to her father's side. Like her mother, Woodsmoke is primarily black, however she has a grey-brown agouti pattern intermixed in her dark coat. Under her light blue eyes is a soft grey color, almost like her eyes are sitting on top of grey pillows. Her hind legs and tail show more grey than black, however her tail does fade back into a darker coloring, though not as strong as the rest of her coat. The girl's nose and paw pads both are black. Her underbelly is a grey color, and the skin underneath the fur is pink. Woodsmoke has some minor scars on her right shoulder from one of her mother's failed attempts to chase her off. All in all she's strong and her muscles are toned, though she's a bit skinny due to the fact that she wasn't fed well as a pup. The girl carries no clothes or accessories, finding her teeth to be the best weapons she could ask for, and that her fur is more than enough to keep her warm and the water off.
The girl is more in touch with her animal side than the more human aspects that many Luperci show. Despite being raised in terrible conditions, Woodsmoke is rather playful; often playing with her food like cats do with mice they catch. She makes games of her foraging of food and tracking of prey. Most people she meets she tries to be bright and happy with, though she is very wary of strangers. Like a switch, she can go from bubbly and jovial to aggressive and vicious, if threatened that is. Woodsmoke is more than willing to steal food, and will do so readily if she's hungry enough. Though she had not encountered many canines younger than her in her journeys, she has a fascination with puppies; hoping to one day be a better mother than her own. She's got a wild streak that runs a mile deep, refusing to wear clothes or shift to Optime. She prefers to be around like-minded canines, ones who don't chastise her for not being more human-like. This is perhaps something she took away from her mother. The girl is very vocal and really has not learned that not everything she thinks should be shared. While not shy about speaking with others, she is not that great at it, and will more often than not make many a faux pas.
Husband: Jonk
Lovers: Emeraude Brecours, Tringe
Children: Smokecloud, Smokescreen, Smokewisp, Smoketrail, Wojo, Jira, Kibi
Amimals: Cherub, Sister, Old Man, Lady and the latter's fledglings.
Child: Smokewisp, cNPC.
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