Kamari Kaiser

The Emissary

The Emissary
Luperci Assassina, Informatore, Vedetta Mate to Krios
Royalty of a Fallen Kingdom Live by Thistle and Thorn
Seeker of Secrets
Amongst Shadows
Bearer of Masks
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13th February 2017
While Kamari is primarily a mix of wolf and jackal, many of her more jackal-like traits shine through. She has tall ears and a petite face with sharp, almond eyes. Her fur, while thicker than a typical jackal’s, would be considered “thin” compared to a wolf’s pelt, and she often has to resort to wearing layers during the region’s colder months. Her cheek fur is not as thick as a wolf’s either, giving her a rather trimmed and sleek appearance. Her smaller stature may cause some to mistakenly believe her to be fragile or weak, however, Kamari packs quite a punch for her size. She has subtle, toned muscles, and has a surprisingly amount of upper body strength due to climbing trees, archery, and sparring matches with her mentor. She’s quick, agile, and illusive to catch thanks to being limber and flexible. In Optime, she cuts her hair short, allowing her to easily be mistaken for a young male at a glance.

She is often wary about using Lupus (particularly in unfamiliar terrain) due to her small size and the increased likelihood of being attacked, and, thus, primarily uses it only within the safety of the pack. In Secui, her legs are noticeably long, though, even in this form, she still stands on the small end of most other Luperci in their Lupus forms. She often takes to Secui if she is in the company of others in their Lupus, so as to not feel as small when standing next to them.

To those that have never seen a jackal before, Kamari is often mistaken to have coyote-like traits.

  • Lupus: 21 in (53 cm) ↔ 24 lbs (11 kg)
  • Secui: 36 in (91 cm) ↔ 93 lbs (42 kg)
  • Optime: 5ft 4in (64 in / 163 cm) ↔ 123 lbs (56 kg) (Preferred)
In her youth, Kamari was a rather outspoken and bold child, particularly when compared to her softer, shyer twin. She lived for adventure and freedom, and soaked up information from lessons like a sponge. While she understood her lowborn birth and accepted the poverty she grew up in, she never let someone talk down to her. Where she was forced to submit because of rank, she gladly poured those frustrations into fighting and hunting and bettering herself so that, one day, she and her family would no longer have to live in such squalor and be “beneath” the highborns of the Kingdom.

As she matured, Kamari’s thrashing, brash nature became subdued as she learned to harness and control her emotions. The wild child born to slaves became a tactful, cunning woman. Kamari is highly intelligent and very perceptive individual, and is a wealth of information. She still maintains her confident, courageous, and curious nature, and still enjoys her freedom and love for adventure. She has, however, learned patience, and is a very persistent creature when she finds something she wants, particularly when it comes to her line of work. She enjoys a good challenge and testing her skills. She can be sarcastic and witty, and has always been a tomboy by nature. She lives practically and modestly because of her lowborn upbringing.

Kamari is not overly social, preferring more to watch, analyze, and collect information. However, despite this, she can work with others without issue, and can blend with the crowd if needed. She is very secretive, and finds lying and pretending to come easily. She is not someone that likes public displays of affection, and is more willing to politely receive it than she is to give it.

While she was brought up with more compassionate morals than some of her peers, Kamari is not above doing what is necessary, be it to survive, to protect, or out of duty. She is choosey with her loyalty, and her honor is tainted by her deeds as a Salsolan spy. Things like killing, lying, deception, or torture are acceptable if there is a good enough reason for it and it outweighs any consequences that may come of it.

When comfortable, one might see the feisty, less-poised individual that hides beneath her many masks.

Summarized: Confident, courageous, poised, persistent, patient, smart, free spirit, curious, sarcastic, secretive, cunning, perceptive
Kamari and her twin brother, Kamil, were born to a pair of Salsolan slaves, Abeni and Heine Kaiser. They grew up with little due to their lowborn birth, and were only allowed a chance at anything greater because of their mother's master, Lord Commander Lokr Revlis, who helped provide lessons for the twins until they were of shifting age.

Her early childhood was largely uneventful; however, this came to an abrupt end with the start of the Inferni-Salsola War in the fall of 2017, its conclusion upon which, encouraged Kamari to begin honing her skills in various fields that would aid her heavily in works involving espionage, fighting, and scouting. In the spring of 2018, Hierophant Elphaba Revlis betrothed Kamari to her childhood friend, Krios Heiwa, causing a strain in their relationship with one another. Shortly after their promotions into the Shield Faction, the two were wedded in September 2018.

Kamari became the Head of the Kaiser family at the young age of 1.5 years old when her parents left for Fort Preble in Portland. In her time in Salsola, she has channeled her skills to aid her in scouting, stealth, fighting, killing, languages, social manipulation, and espionage, and has taken up the jobs of Vedetta (a scout) and Sapienza (an infiltrator). She works closely with Shield members, Brocade, Idrieus, and Krios; Erilaz O'Riley Eternity—her partner in espionage work—and Argive Hemlock—a master healer and poisoner, with whom, she has a business relationship with—in an active effort to protect the Thistle Crown and its Kingdom.

Outside of the pack, Kamari assumes one of two identities; “Birch Kaid”, an ever-wandering fur trader and hunter; or “Keres”, when working on assassination, interrogation, or special espionage missions/business. She wears masculine or neutral scents that do not make her stand out.

(For further details, see her Wiki page)

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