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14th October 2016
Luperci Ortus
Laila was born as the runt of her litter and is small, even for a coyote. Still young, her height only brings her head up to the top of the leg of most wolves and she is thin, lanky from months on her own. Her colouring is fit for the mountainous regions her family descended from with predominantly dark grey fur and a saddle and mask dark as midnight.

Her large ears seem almost too big for her face and that won’t change with age, and her long silky fur is normally pressed flat against her, her long sweeping tail held close to the backs of her legs. She could pass for a shadow if it weren’t for the piercing, ice-blue eyes she gained from her mother that have been known to startle others with their sharpness.

Though she rarely shifts from her Lupus form into her Secui form she is granted a little bit more muscle with some bulk to it, rather than the sleek and athletic ones she has in her Lupus form. Aside from the bit of puffing up, nothing else changes her appearance in this form.

When she shifts into her Optime form Laila stands at a small 5 feet nothing, with her thin frame gaining a few feminine curves here and there but otherwise not bulking out in the least.

Scars: A stripe without fur across her front left leg from a laceration she got during a hurricane.
Born into a large family with many loud and rambunctious siblings, Laila was the youngest, and the quietest. Being surrounded by noise for most of her young life has left her quite timid and quiet, quick to lash out to defend herself if needed but otherwise passing through crowds of others like a shadow. When she does open up and speak she is very cautious, untrusting, and unsure of herself. Having been abandoned by her family on their travels East has left her with a keen sense of survival at such a young age and therefore she may seem standoffish, though it comes across mostly as shy.

If challenged or set upon she is quick to show her teeth, and prefers reacting physically than entering verbal sparring matches. While she is very intelligent she doesn’t show off about it, but prefers to stay quiet and observe, to take in a scene rather than insert herself into it.

For those who manage to break down her walls she can be sweet and loving, a little jealous of those close to her and protective of them, and quick to scare. She seems content to keep to herself until she’s grown comfortable in a situation and then she’ll assert herself just a little bit more, barely enough to be heard. It would seem to other canines that she much prefers the company of her raven, Brom, than others of her own kind.
Brom - raven companion
Laila was born into a large travelling family of Mountain coyotes, who left their own lands in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to escape persistent wildfires and persecution from wolf communities, who sought to rule over all canines. She was born on the run, with barely enough time to nurse as a pup before her parents moved her and her multiple generations of siblings on towards the East. By the time she was eight months old they reached New Brunswick and kept moving, destined for an island they’d heard of called Prince Edward Island back in human times, which they felt would be safe and private – a place they could grow and call their own.

During their travels they were hit by a summer storm, a hurricane of sorts during which Laila was injured by a falling tree. Instead of wait for her to be healed her parents, driven by their fear of wolves whose scent laid heavy in the forest, pushed on and left her to her own devices – rather they risk the life of one child than endangering the entire family. Laila spent a month huddling in old abandoned homes and scrounging whatever berries and carrion she could find to keep herself going. Her injury healed, though she bares a scare on her front left leg where the laceration cut deep.

Not wanting to trail after the family that had abandoned her, the young coyote instead moved straight into the scent of the wolves, wondering if she could find herself a family – coyote or otherwise. Along the way she picked up a fellow traveller - a young raven named Brom, with whom she can communicate enough with that he's a companion.
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