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Las Brasas
Médica I
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Date of Birth:
4th May 2016

Size Reference
Optime: 146 lbs (66 kg) — 5 ft 9 in (69 in) (175 cm)
Secui: 84 lbs (31 kg) — 38 in (97 cm)
Lupus: 42 lbs (19 kg) — 24 in (61 cm)

Descended of coywolves, Briarblack is something of an even mix of genetic appearances: her face is slight, tapered and refined and her ears small and perpetually moving, and her legs are willowy and long. Her dark colored pelt is plush and what's to be expected of the makeup of her northern breeds making her well-suited for winters, and the dark mask of her face is offset by bright, almond-shaped eyes of blue. Her features are not static – though, over the years, she has grown more subtle with her maturation: ears betray her mood, as do soft smiles and frowns, downcast or direct eyes, and other subtle shifts that play out her emotion plainly.

Briarblack is perpetually alert through all her free-shifting forms, and is prone to slight fidgets or ticks to dispel energy. Despite the Gang’s predisposition towards Optime form and humanization, she herself is moderate to low on the scale – hands aid her in medicinal work, but she forgoes over accessorizing or clothing by way of practicality. She does, however, appreciate and enjoy baubles in the form of beads or raven feathers, woven into her mane.

She possesses a dancer’s physique, and is physically fit, if a little curvaceous. Two scars mark her right shoulder - an arrowhead scar wedges beneath her clavicle, and an arc curves over her shoulder blade.

Speech: Low and feminine, but still expressive and prone to exclamation

Briarblack has grown jaded as she has aged.

Once bright-eyed and exuberant, gradual and continual disappointment have long since whittled away her resolve for positivity and discolored her outlook on life. In the wake of the Inferni-Salsola War, Briarblack had struggled to come to grips with mortality and the loss of innocence and her first whirlwind romance, but as time slowly mended the wounds, her acceptance of it as an inevitability has slowly soothed the ache that those gaping wounds had left.

In order to protect herself and her (unbeknownst) fragile ego, she walls off much of her emotion and expectations of others to save herself from disappointment. Her pre-disposition more often than not paints her flawed outlook commonly as stoic, or judgemental.

Despite herself, however, Briarblack still yearns for closeness, health, and connection, and throws her dedication towards the craft of medicine. Intolerant over the stresses of anxiety and a lack of self-worth and driven by an ambitious urge to help others (even if leveled through a stern gaze), she intertwines herself in the well-being of those around her as something of a medic.

Briarblack has difficulty engaging with violence due to long-standing, unresolved trauma, and has a fear-based bias against jackals.




Immediate Family
Family: Moineau
Mother: Sparrow
Father: Diindiisi

Extended Family
Grandparents: Winter, Marcel Moineau
Aunts & Uncles: Vesper, Brumaire Moineau, Dartmouth Moineau, Nivosus Moineau

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Taja, b. Grade Horse, ~2008 Unshakably calm -- though not particularly nice, Taja is a large silver-black warhorse. She accepts her riders well enough, but as per her training, she will attempt to bite and kick those standing in her way -- even to her rider's discouragement. Taja fell into Briarblack's care as Inferni fell apart.

Chatter, Common Raven, ~2018 Loud, heckling, and full of japes, Chatter and nestmate Prattle are ever-present companions who, more or less, badger Briarblack while she works. While she finds them mildly annoying, or at least outwardly states such, she does value the birds' presence and they, in turn, listen to her.

Prattle, Common Raven, ~2018 Loud, heckling, and full of japes, Prattle and nestmate Chatter are ever-present companions who, more or less, badger Briarblack while she works. While she finds them mildly annoying, or at least outwardly states such, she does value the birds' presence and they, in turn, listen to her.

Briarblack is the daughter of Diindiisi and Sparrow, born in the pristine forests on the banks of the Poplar River and raised in a tribal community of wolves and hybrids. Thrilled by the idea of adventure and meeting new people, she set out, aimless, on her own, until encountering Resurrection de le Poer, who directed her towards Inferni, a coyote-comprised clan that her aunt led. The arduous trip was fraught with his ailing health, and semi-dependent on his company, an inexperienced Briarblack struggled to keep the two of them moving towards their target.

Once within the safety of the Clan's borders, Briarblack settled in shortly before conflict, with the Inferni-Salsola War brewing on the horizon. She threw herself into rigorous routine in training, and grew close with Goliath Harland, and, impressionable and romantic-hearted as she was, they humored ideas of settling down once tensions finally dissolved. Plans were dashed with the Scintillan giant's death, and Briarblack renounced her Sciens scouting position in favor of picking up the role of a healing Sanitas (after a brief but rapid decline into substance abuse), in hopes to prevent similar fates befalling her clanmates – though, this was short lived. Briarblack abandoned Inferni shortly before it disbanded, venturing the wilds until stragglers of the coyote defunct clan, under the banner of The Cartel, came across her again, and later went on to found the Del Cenere Gang.

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