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13th June 2014
Luperci Ortus
Alex Morgan is a nice blend of his two major heritages: Border Collie and Golden Retriever. From his Border Collie side, his gets his general shape and markings, while he gets his size and coloring comes from his Golden Retriever side. His color is a fairly dark orange that lightens to a light pinkish-orange on his belly, muzzle, a stripe down the middle of his face, socks, the tip of his tail, and an area across his upper back between his shoulder blades. His eyes are a light purple. He has feathering like his Golden Retriever heritage on his back legs and his tail and his ears are semi-erect.

He is mostly found in his Optime form and he is decently tall and lanky in that form. He keeps his hair just below his shoulders and usually pulled back into a simple ponytail. His hair color is a slightly lighter color than his main fur color. He wears simple pants made out of cloth, generally neutral colors, and usually has at least one necklace on. The one that he keeps with him is a simple leather necklace that hangs a simple carving made of wood that his father made him as a pup. He has a very strong Cockney accent and is a very fast-talker.
A charming, highly intelligent dog, Alex is fairly cheerful, seemingly harmless and innocent. While he does tend towards being happy, go-lucky, he is far from innocent or harmless. Though he isn't violent. Rather he is a very talented thief and pickpocket, using his natural agility and amiable looks to get close to his mark and then steal from them. Of course, should he get caught, he is highly skilled at talking his way out of trouble.

He has a silver-tongue and while he doesn't usually lie outright, he is good at omitting certain details and evading the question. He is also a terrible flirt and likes to think he is a Casanova. While he tends to be out for himself and himself only, he is extremely friendly and talkative. He does have a slight compulsion to both steal and lie, and it is a very good thing that he is good at both, otherwise he'd get into trouble far more often than he has.

He is extremely outgoing and can be a bit on the loud side, enjoying to work and play hard. He has some talent with singing but most of what he feels like singing tend to be bawdy and slightly inappropriate. He has a slightly potty mouth but is able to tone both his language and songs down should it be appropriate.
Alexander Carter Morgan was born on June 13, 2014 to Marcus and Annabelle Morgan, two hardworking mixed breed dogs, in Whitechapel, London. His father was mostly Golden Retriever with some Pointer and various Setter blood while his mother was mostly Border Collie with some Setter as well. He was born in a litter of four, with three older sisters: Beatrice, Ava, and Justine. Growing up, he was both his parent's favorite child, though his mother was more likely than his stoic father to show it. His father was often off at docks working as a general dock worker and his mother worked out of the house as a seamstress. His sisters took after their mother in wanting to learn to sew.

Yet Alex wanted nothing to do with the docks and instead got in with a rather rough group of similarly aged teens who were always getting into some sort of trouble. He found his niche as the groups pseudoleader, often being the one to come up with what the next place they were going to steal from was. Eventually, he got himself involved in the black market trade, surprising his father when he started to work on the docks, though he was more interested in smuggling than anything else. All was going smoothly until Alex stole from a very powerful dog in London and was seen by someone leaving the building. So Alex quickly decided that he needed to leave pronto.

So he headed to Souls, a place he had heard about from those in the docks, Making the nearly two month journey from London to Lisbon to Barbados to Portland. He then bought a horse for the journey from Portland to Souls. Here he hopes to make a new name for himself, or at least lay low enough for things to settle down at home. But he has a feeling he might enjoy the place and make it his new home.
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