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Espada or (Elysian as he use to go by) has a build of someone who is actually pretty stocky. Powerfully built in the arms legs and back. Espada has been known to wear a purple silk dress shirt and black pants. His shirt if kind of tight on his frame and allows he ripped muscles of ripple through the fabric. His fur is pitch black with creamy patterns all over his body and he has white highlights in his bangs that hang over his face that he often slicks back most of the time. He often wears a black vest to go with his suit jacket and he owns a large black fur coat with a rimmed hood and sleeve.

Espada'a facial features often resemble that of a pretty boy although he has a rather well toned body he is gentle on the eyes with bright neon purple orbs. His body actually holds many scars although he does absolutely nothing to really hide them. The most noticeable scar he may have is the three claw marks slicing through his neck, surprisingly not killing him but coming damn close to doing so. This impacts his ability to howl but as untouched his ability to speak clearly.
Espada has the appearance of someone who is intelligent, over confident and extremely crafty. He is seen often as a childish fool that is always smiling and has way too much time on his hands, and even though he is in a sense smart beyond his years he acts as if he were a fool or joker. He has a very jolly and mocking personality, speaking informally with most people as if they are close family or even lovers. Often using nicknames. To add to this he is repeatedly referred to from his friends and what is left of his family as charming and handsome, persuasive as he is towards others he has a undying talent in manipulating everyone purposely and accidentally. He either does this purposely because a lot of them are simple to deceive or because he is not paying attention to what he is saying. Although he treats everything like a game Espada is very serious about what he does and has a very complex way of handling and doing things. He enjoys putting people in situations that are hectic or chaotic simply to see how they would react to certain scenarios. Almost everyone around him is a test subject of his little game of life. However when he actually does make friends (Witch is often) he forms a very close bond with them and will do almost anything for them so long as it does not cross the bounds of reason.

Espada has a bad habit of turning people against each other, often instigating fights between others but never taking part in it. He normally just sits back and watches the fun from a far, often throwing out percentages or something to decide the winner. Just something he does to keep himself entertained. Although Espada enjoys conflict, often showing up wherever there is potential for one, he usually stays out of it, preferring to observe the fight instead of directly taking part in it. Therefore he is usually seen as the one starting fights, but hiding in the shadows instead of directly taking part. What makes him a crazy and somewhat unfair bastard is that if he were challenged to a dual he would openly decline implying that he will 'Get his ass kicked' and leaving it at that. He does not mind being looked down upon for weakness simply because he likes to be. He enjoys weak and does nothing to hide the fact. However all because he seems weak does not mean he cannot fight when need be. When truly provoked Espada acts quickly and without much hesitation although he barely aims to kill or even maim. Simply to disable. He does not believe he has to hurt someone to get his way and prefers to use the weapon he is truly skilled with. Speech. With fighting Espada is a master of evasion and tactical combat. Often fluid like water and moving like a leaf against the wind. Given his smallness he is difficult to hit depending on the attacker. Some may get frustrated trying to get a good grip on him.

This is one of the windows to the more damaged side of his carefree and upbeat personality. While he is always viewed as the one who can never be put down and always has a smile on his face no matter what is being done to him secretly he is constantly suffering inside. In his family he was always viewed as the weak one and his childhood only confused him growing up. To prove to himself he was still human he attempted to cut through his chest so he could see his heart. This attempt of course failed with him almost dying but it was one of the many things he does to make sure he Is still sane. While he may seem like the over confident happy guy or sometimes a manipulate devil in reality he is just hurt and hiding behind several different mask. When alone he is silent and always screaming at himself but when in public he shows no real acknowledgment of this behavior. He is hypocritical in a way but for his own reasons.

Espada given his genius intellect and mastermind tendencies he has a deep and complex understanding of a lot of things around him as far as philosophy and the mental arts. Making his extremely knowledgeable in various subjects. He enjoys it when wolves try to question his own intellect and often will have short of long debates with them, proving several points, theories, and philosophies that ultimately win him almost every argument or debate. He normally does not like to approach things straight on and constantly thinks from an angle, annoying the wolves who try to ask him questions but are answered with a complex logic or another question. He thinks of himself a prodigy of the male seekers of knowledge, given his vast understanding of the world around him Espada is hard to prove wrong and even his personal beliefs and ideals have a tendency to influence those who listen. When speaking about a subject he does so with that charismatic gusto that it is obvious he enjoys talking. Though some say he likes to hear the sound of his own voice he truthfully just likes to educate the weak minded even if it means he has to go through a long winded speech. He has been known to speak in riddles and poems that could either inspire or mind fuck and has earned the nickname 'Poe' by those he inspired and 'Discord' by those he has confused.

It is very obvious 'to those he knows' that Espada has a love complex. He is obsessed with the idea of love seeing that he is incapable of feelings it himself. His heart as he says is 'frozen' and unable to feel so he uses his mass understanding of psychology and emotional complexity to try and 'express' love. Making him extremely opened minded to the idea. Making him bi sexual and completely ok with having multiple relationships at the same time. Simply believing that 'everyone needs love, and who better to give it then me?' And thus will love anyone regardless of what or who they are.
Although from the beginning Elysian was extremely intelligent he never got to really realize it considering Born and raised in hell. His mother and himself was raped by his insane father Microvilli who instead of taking off after he raped her decided to make her ‘his bitch’ in a way. Although he was crazy he was in few ways a father to Elysian. When he was born Elysian was looked at as a gift to Microvilli, seeing as he had never had a son Microvilli was constantly around Elysian as he grew up, but he wanted to see what he would look like as a Luperci so he hounded him about shifting at a young age so he shifted earlier than other pups. He was an only child and was almost always exposed to violence.

His father would get into horrible quarrels with Elysian mother which very frequently resulted in her getting beaten horribly and he was forced to watch his mother get beat which caused a great deal of damage to his mind making him slightly insane at a very young age. Microvilli also taught Elysian a thing or two about combat and sparred with Elysian almost daily. Although to Elysian it was more like a beat down, whenever he didn’t do something right his father would hit him or cut him deeply with a blade which is were Elysian got most of his scars. Eventually Elysian and his parents all got into it which resulted in the unfortunate and messy death of his mother which shattered him completely, Microvilli left Elysian with his dead mother in the forest and Elysian was alone. And that is where his story began.

After that horrible time he went on to be adopted by Katya, a young wolf from a pack that he did not stick around to get to know. He quickly learned combat more and more and quickly learned how to work with certain kinds of weaponry including hand to hand combat very well. At some point he left the pack in sought of seeking new goals, he quickly learned that he wanted to be smarter then stronger. Brains over brawn so he abandoned his way of violence and combat for a while for the opportunity to learn. In doing this Elysian quickly became very intelligent through the reading of books on philosophy and the way of thinking. His childhood intelligence began to work its way back and his intellect skyrocketed by the time he turned three years of age.

However, given his vast knowlage of things his personality quickly shifted to an emotionally distressed and violent child to just the opposite. Soon Elysian became manipulative, goofy, and overconfident. Acting very devious and sly with almost all of his actions, making his personality go into a 180. After this new style of thinking Elysian abandoned the name Elysian Thavatora and adopted the name Espada Sparda, a skilled anti villain in a book he wrote himself. Becoming the character he created. Once returning at the age to four he came back smarter, charming, and strong.
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