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31st December 2008
Luperci Ortus
In his lupus form, Attila is handsome and thin, growing into a lightly muscular build. His fur is an off-white shade, though a motley of whites, tans, and creams dot throughout his pelt. As the white fur nears his feet, it fades to a slightly darker gray. The boy's eyes are a bright, icy blue, strikingly captivating and subtly romantic in his gaze.

When shifting to Luperci, Attila's hair falls down in loose curls to his shoulder. It used to be shorter, but after living in the wilderness for so long, cutting his hair with a hunting knife became a task. And more risk than it was worth.

Attila is tall as hell! 7"9! bro! thank god i finally shorted his height out

Attila isn't typically handsome, but he is certainly attractive.

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Stemming from his bully-like tendencies in his youth, Attila has grown to become a sly creature with a mean streak of manipulation. Having learned that the powers of the mind are as strong as that of muscles, Attila began to act accordingly. Unafraid to do what is necessary to get his way, the boy learned how to easily woo women with his natural charm while at the same time learned how to talk his way out of nearly anything. Arrogant, slick, and conceited, the boy stops at nothing to talk his way into what he wants: clearly, inherited somewhat from his father. On top of it all, he tends to sleep a lot as well -- with or without women.

In the end, he does have a good heart, and is not without sympathy or mercy; he is capable of being a hero and is cooperative and kind more often than not. He respects and cares deeply for his mother and has recently reconciled with his brother, Claudius, but has not seen his sister, Ocèane in quite some time. Near the end of 2011, he learned of his true parentage, and while he had been somewhat indifferent to his father, he despised him after he discovered what Haku Soul had done.

He suffers largely from PTSD after the attacks. This causes him to steer clear from violence where he can. He suffers from mild flashbacks at the sight of blood, which gives him a strange personality change when he hunts. When it comes to getting medical attention, he usually looks away.

In addition to this, he finds it hard to get himself motivated. This leas people to believe he is lazy, but in truth he'd rather be doing something than nothing, but he finds it hard to get into the shake of things.
Parents: Tayui Aston and Haku Soul
Siblings: Noir Aston, Ocèane Aston, and Claudius Aston
Half-Siblings: Andira Coeur, Carya Aston, Auguste Aston, and Valérian Coeur
Attila was a bully to his siblings since the beginning. Teasing, mocking, and otherwise tormenting his older siblings became a way of life. He and his brothers and sisters grew with plenty of freedom, raised by their mother and primarily uninterested in their father. The boy was never terribly strong, growing with lean but light muscles -- instead learning to use his mind to get his desires rather than his strength.

In an accident as a pup, Attila knocked a baby barn owl from its nest in a barn ceiling. It fell and broke its wing; the boy panicked and took it with him, unintentionally adopting the small owl. It accompanied him when the boy meet his actual spirit guide while on a two-day journey outside the tribelands: a grizzly bear named Markku. However, later in life the owl was eaten by a fox due to Attila's negligence; at the time he was traumatized and guilty for the loss, and Markku changed his bear shape to owl accordingly, as if to forever remind Attila of the consequences of his deeds.

He spent the first eleven months of his life in AniWaya, but departed in search of adventure. He returns to 'Souls to visit his family, but never stays long.

He left after the Boreas plot which he undertook with Tayui and a handful of others. Having suffered heavy injuries, he ran away in fear. He'd never been involved in something so brutal and hadn't really seen it coming. He went down to Freetown, but succumbed to his injuries before long, making him unfit for travel. Thankfully, he was aided on arrival. In a matter of months he was patched up. Attila set to work of his medical debt, but did a poor job and spent most of his time chasing skirt. He was promptly fired and then set to returning to Nova Scotia.
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