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Mackenzie Valley Wolf
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6th December 2016
Luperci Ortus
With a pitch black coat and sharp silver eyes, Marama is considered the "Blackhole" in the winter snow. Her fur is a little thicker than others as well as it can get quite long. Her mother likes to style her smooth fur in her Optime form often to look like hair and have fun with it but she doesn't care for it much. She can seem larger than normal for others that see her for the first time or just far off because of her posture and tricky acting skills.

Her build is flexible and slim in Optime form, more girl-like but in Lupus form, at first glance, it's hard to tell gender. She wears no clothing or jewelry even when she shifts but that doesn't mean she will if she finds some she likes. She does, though, have a small black leather satchel tightened around her hips. She keeps it on in any form she takes but it can get annoying with having to loosen or tighten it up in every shift. She either has her mother or brother help her to tighten it up in Lupus form, but Cotton will help her too when she is alone. To some, she would look rather plain if not for her eyes. Her eyes are something special as neither her mother or father has no such eye color and they don't know any in either family that has it.
Marama is pretty laid-back for her age, loving to read a good book or two in her free time. She can be quite adventurous with others and has no trouble speaking her mind. Though, throughout the years she learned how to keep quiet in certain situations. She was born a loner and has only seen packs around a few times. She learns quickly though, having to copy her mother each time they meet a pack. She finds that having a pack might be exciting and a great experience as her mother tells her that a pack is like one big family.

The only thing stopping her from being in one is the fact that she must be submissive, highly respectful. Being a bit stubborn sure has its side effects. She likes doing things her own way, by herself, but she likes company from time to time too. She likes to be a little trickster when she gets the chance. Changing the tone and sound of her voice, acting like someone else entirely. Making people believe that she was someone else or just making them surprised and confused. It always makes her laugh. Her favorite tone of trickery is to mimic and be out of sight of the prying eye. She developed this little personality for making her mother and brother smile.

She likes nature, mostly herbs. She takes all she can get and adds them to her collection in her free time. Despite herself, she can never turn her head to a wounded fellow canine. Even with medical knowledge what she enjoys most is a good tussle with her brother or mother. She loves the feel of play fighting, it just feels so much fun. She always wins since her brother doesn't like it much. She loses to her mother a lot though.

Now as she is now ten months of age she is ready to join a pack as she sees fit. Her mother had told her and her brother to go and find a pack they like. She basically pushed them out. She knew her mother had little time left and only wanted them to not be alone out here without her. So Marama and Rai travel to find packs they can join. Marama hopes that they can be in a pack together.
Living Mother - Abé
Deceased Father - Briz
Living Brother - Rai
Companion(Raven)- Cotton
Marama was born a loner, far from the Makenzie River, far from her mother's pack. She doesn't know where exactly she was born, her parents never told her and she can't remember that far back in time. She only remembers that it was cold snowflakes that stroked her face one night.

Her mother was born in a fairly large pack who ruled the Makenzie River, the pack whos ancestors claimed the name Mackenzie Vally Wolf. Her mother joined her father in leaving that pack, wanting to start a new one. She never told Marama or Rai why but the mention of that pack was a curse in her small family.
Marama and her family traveled together all over. Never staying in one spot for too long. Her father has descended to earth when she and her brother, Rai, were almost one month old. She was told he was just sickly at the time and the fool of him didn't take care of himself.

She was taught how to shift earlier than her brother by accident. Being curious with herself at that time she was given a lecture to not shift until her brother learned of it.
After some time in the wild, around 8 months, they settled in a more humanized way for her mother. Her mother loved her Optime form the best and so Marama's and her brother's time was spent shifting and learning how to read. Around the same time, Marama was adventurous as well as developing her little trickster side and came across a wounded baby bird along a stream.
She took it home and cared for it despite the warnings her mother gave her about touching something that was going to die anyway. Once the baby bird was healed and well she convinced her mother to keep it, with a mature tone of voice, naming the bird Cotton for its soft black feathers. After the event, she became fascinated with Medicine and learned all she could about it.

She soon began to enjoy playfighting in any form she'd take. It started with a start at her brother and after they were rolling along the ferns. She had fun pushing her brother down and being the winner. Her new interest kept her reading all about combat on snowy days.
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