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27th June 2015
Luperci Ortus
In every state of being, Nier can boast of a larger, thicker figure that would make his ancestors quite jealous. He has always been a hulking mass of untrained muscle, covered head to toe in perfectly groomed, stark white fur. Much to his delight he was blessed with heavy paws, sturdy legs, and a strong jaw. Admittedly, he is perhaps a little chubby from his dedication to avoiding working out, but this does not mean that he is incapable of holding his own. With his daily habits lending themselves to a lazier lifestyle, Nier is truly thankful for his naturally stronger-than-average physique.

Though he is most often found skulking about in a hunched Optime form, Nier's preference for clothing is usually little to none. For daily wear, he can be spotted in a simple and very old pair of cloth shorts he'd found somewhere some time long ago. Though honestly, one could easily consider them little more than tattered brown scraps. It is glaringly obvious that he bares no love for covering himself, but his fondness for accessories is just as apparent. All across his body one can find anything ranging from metal or leather bracelets to ornamental necklaces and strange rings. He swaps them when he wishes, but the one item he wears forever is a black leather satchel that he keeps saddled on his left hip. The bag holds his most precious of things. These often include emergency food stuffs, Wiccan ritual items, and his flightless sparrow companion, George.

Smaller details include a set of bright, golden eyes, neatly kept claws, and a thick tree branch that he uses as a walking stick for himself and, at times, a perch for George.
Nier is usually a great big grab-bag of emotions. At any given time, he can be sickeningly sweet. At another, he may wish to see your throat torn to shreds (not that he'd do it himself--that's far too messy). In this sense, he is as normal as any other creature you may stumble across. The things that defines him as 'Nier', however, is that his attitudes are largely influenced by his countless (and often viewed as insane) superstitious beliefs. Depending on what omens he reads in the morning, he may not leave his home till night. If he happens to notice a certain something happen to or around another canine he is usually friendly with, he may not speak to them or associate with them for exactly three hours and forty-two minutes. It is because of this that he is often viewed as paranoid and unstable; that he has not a mind of his own and everything he is and does is ruled by the foolish creations of his poorly wired brain.

And mostly, this is correct. But beneath it all, Nier in fact has views of his own. He has a personal code of ethics that drive his day-to-day activities and decisions. He is fully capable of maintaining friendships just as easily as he can keep enemies (though true foes are few and far between). His strongest belief stems from his religion: an it harm none, do what ye will. Though he keeps true to his almost 100% of the time, one will find he throws all beliefs out of the window if he suspects any harm would come to his sparrow friend, George.
Mother: deceased
Father: deceased
Sister: deceased
Brother: deceased

Companion: George (male sparrow)
Most of his life is unremarkable. Nier was born to Luperci parents of an average nature and background. He had a brother, and sister somewhere down the line. They looked the same, sounded the same, and lived the same. Boring and plain could easily describe his family. They held no fancy titles, claimed no land for themselves, and lived as humbly as they could. Wiccan traditions raised them peacefully, though it seemed Nier was a little more superstitious than the rest. Relations with the other packmates were as solid as one could expect. They did their jobs, helped the tribe, and passed on quietly when their time came. Although they managed to find themselves in an early grave, it was no fault of their own. An illness swept through their homeland, silently stealing the last breathes of more than half the pack. Like many others, Nier survived alone.

The night that followed was quieter than usual. Nier grieved in heavy silence until a tiny shrieked pulled him from the past. He still remembers scrambling to his feet and sprinting out back. Trapped in the old prickle bush by his family's graves was a frightened little sparrow. Its panicked tweets helped Nier ignore the tiny pains of the bush's thorns as he pulled them back enough for the bird to escape. When it didn't move and instead stared expectantly at the young wolf, Nier reached for it and pulled it gently from its prickly prison. When he finally got the bird to stay still in his palm, he noticed that the sparrow's left wing was mangled. It was not the bush that did it, though, he was sure. The wound was old and had long since healed, but it was painfully obvious that the bird would never fly.

There was a common belief among his people that sparrows carried the souls of the dead into the Afterlife. He knew that this sparrow held the souls of his family, and was happy to know they were being taken care of; but a flightless sparrow meant they could never reach the Afterlife, and were trapped on Earth until their carrier died. Should the sparrow be killed and not die of old age, however, their souls were perish with the bird. A quick vow was uttered that night, and Nier left the next morning to find a save haven outside of his homeland. He has wandered alone since then, always careful to put the sparrow's needs far above his own.
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