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24th March 2017
Luperci Ortus
Most of River's pelt is a mix of stormy grays ranging from dark to light. Most of her coat is Outer Space with highlights of Shuttle Gray on her cheeks, backs of ears, and on all four legs. She has a mask of Heather on her muzzle and cheeks which comes to a double peak between her eyes. This mask continues underneath her jaw and down to her chest and stomach to the end of her tail. River has heterochromia iridium, one eye being Emerald and the other being Curious Blue.
River is a complex and very lost soul. Her father leaving at a young age left her with scars that cannot be seen by the mortal eye. She is fiery and full of passion, but for what she has yet to uncover. The only part of herself she has uncovered is the alluring nature passed down to her from her mother. While to most, this may come off as indecent, that is not indeed the case. She values her body and self above all else and while she may lead others to believe she is willing to give, she will disavow all she deems unworthy as she has everyone she's crossed paths with thus far. One other interest she's discovered, is her fondness for art. River sketches whenever she has the time or necessary materials.
Born to Kassius Grim and Lust Lykoi in Anathema. Her father left at a young age leaving her in the care of Lust and her brother, Greed Lykoi. They have raised her alongside her sisters.
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