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25th January 2012
Luperci Ortus
While his mother has dog blood, his father is all wolf, and Myrddin takes after his father. In fact, one of the strongest traits of the Rhiannon bloodline is the hetero-chromatic eyes. His left eye is a bright gold, his right eye a deep blue. His fur is largely the creamy white that the Rhiannons are known for, but Myrddin also has splashes of a muddy brown on all four legs to around his elbows, his ear tips, and his tail.

Myrddin is almost always in his Optime form. He is tall -surprisingly so, given his parent's heights- and slender almost femininely so, his soft brown moptop mane almost always looking as if he just woke up. This appearance is made worse by the fact that he is always running his fingers though it. He chooses not to wear clothing, though he may develop this habit later in life.

Even in his Secui form, he is still tall but slender. His mane lengthens and becomes thicker and less manageable. He doesn't gain much muscle bulk beyond the usual.

Myrddin feels most out of place in his lupus form. He is slight and slender, easily mistaken for a tall female adolescent, which probably doesn't help his lack of comfort in this form.

- none yet

- Right ear is pierced with a single stud that varies with his mood.

Scars: His right side of his face is decorated with a sunburst scar pattern. (image coming soon!)

Precise Size
Lupus 100 lbs. 36 in. tall
Secui 200 lbs. 46 in tall
Optime 205 lbs 6ft 8in
Preferred Form: Optime
Positive traits
Smart: Myrddin is clever, and he is also very intelligent. He has a photographic memory, and only needs to be shown things once to learn them. Once learned, he takes his skills as far as he possibly can.

Compassionate: Myrddin is a natural healer, and hates to see anyone in pain, whether physical or mental. He will go out of his way to help someone, even if it means putting himself at a disadvantage. (Unless said someone is someone he holds a grudge against, in which case he will do his bare minimum to prevent death or illness.)

Empathic: He is very attuned to what people feel, and can usually tell their mood by a glance. He is also very sensitive to the spirit world, which is probably why he knew the ghost of his deceased sister followed him. In fact, Myrddin grew up talking to Tameri everyday, treating her as if she were a living breathing littermate. It wasn't until his father informed him that Tameri was dead that he even realized she was a ghost.

Protective: Myr is incredibly protective of his adopted son, Horus.

Negative traits
Lack of love for his parents: Feeling as though he was unjustly abandoned at a young age, Myrddin has developed very cold and unforgiving feelings towards Sky Rhiannon. While he loves Cody and Lena, and would love to have grown up with them, he is secretly relieved that she left, as he fears she wouldn't have loved him like she clearly did his siblings. This lack of love was rekindled when Taliesin left D'Arte without warning or explanation in January 2014.

Holds grudges: Those who have harmed his family or pack are, in his opinion, unforgivable. He can and will hold a grudge for a long time. Those he holds a grudge against include: his mother Sky, his father Taliesin, Liam, and Ayasha.

A fear of commitment: Outwardly he can seem cold and distant, he was abandoned by both mother and father in his short lifespan. When he allowed himself to love Sumae, she eventually left him as well. The constant abandonment from loved ones has made him afraid to get too close to outsiders.

Insecurity: Myr feels he is unworthy of being loved. The constant abandonment of those he loves has made him feel that he isn't good enough to deserve a real love, and he doubts the love of those who do love him.

Anger: While he usually keeps his anger bottled up inside, the male does have a sharp temper. He holds it in until he can't hold it anymore, and then he explodes in a ball of rage.
Myrddin was born on January 25th, 2012 to Sky and Taliesin. He was the oldest of his litter. Their birth came just over a month after Liam brutally murdered his adopted sister. It didn't seem like it was long after he was born that Sky packed up Cody and Lena and left him with his Poppa, Taliesin. Myrddin was deeply hurt by his mother's seeming abandonment, and when she returned to visit, he treated her very coldly. He was introduced to his Aunt Gemma several times, and has developed a close relationship with his cousins.

The day Myrddin learned how to shift, Liam attacked Gemma and left her for dead. That was the first time Myrddin got to really assist his Poppa with healing duties. He had always watched, but never actually been right there to help. That day, helping to save Gemma's life, changed Myrddin, and he became hungry for more and more knowledge. Over time, he has become as good a healer as his Poppa. He is mostly interested in making soaps and other herbal concoctions, and leaves the healing to his Poppa.

Life soon began changing for Myrddin, with Sophia entering their life. But better than the woman who would usurp Gemma's place in his life, is the entrance of Sumae. Myr discovered that he can fall in love, and shortly thereafter found out that those you trust and love will eventually leave. He had a one night fling with Honrin that turned into something deeper, though he tries to play it casually with Honrin for fear of being hurt.

Shortly after Liam was finally killed by D'Arte, Liam's son D'Ryn was brought to live with Taliesin, causing Myrddin to move into his own house. In January 2014, Myr's mostly peaceful life was rocked deeply by the sudden surprising abandonment of D'Arte by Taliesin. Myr had to pick up the mantle of healing, something which was never his passion.

His love affair continued with Honrin, eventually coming to include Honrin's mate. His world was shattered once again when they left suddenly, leaving him alone and miserable. His on-again-off-again relationship with Honrin and Kenna became too much for the male to handle, so he took his adopted son Horus and left.

In his time away from the Soul lands, Myr and Horus became close. They ended up sailing with a crew from Freetown, making their living as sailors, and Myr as a healer.
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