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Luperci Ortus
A dog whose genetic pool is so mixed that it has made it nearly impossible to pinpoint the breeds that make up his genealogy tree. A thick muzzle and rounded features vaguely remind of a Pitbull’s structure while his height and thick bones resemble those of a Mastiff. He possesses a double-coat very akin to that of a Labrador with the standard golden coloration also typical of the breed. His ears are small and floppy, his eyes are almond-shaped and of a reddish-brown color.

Rocky is covered from head to toe with scars, the most noticeable of which being the missing tip of his tail, a large gash across his right inner-thigh and three claw marks over his stomach. He is heavily built with a great musculature and moderate fat content which grants him the body of a bruiser, exceptionally strong but somewhat lacking in agility and stamina.

He is highly humanized, remaining in optime form most of the time and wearing clothes more often than not. His hair is straight with a very slight wave on the tips. He has let it grow down to his shoulders and usually wears it brushed back or tied on a haphazard ponytail.

After attempting to impress a chick who did piercings for a living he ended up becoming a living pin-cushion with all but his intimate bits pierced, he ended up removing all but the sceptum ring which he sports at all times (he kind of digs the bull aesthetic).

108 lbs (49 kg)
35 in (89 cm)

172 lbs (78 kg)
49 in (124.46 cm)

264.5 lbs (120 kg)
7 ft (213.4 cm)

2 leather jerkins (x)
Beige cloak with cowl (x)
Brown trousers (x)
White cotton shirt (x)
Black pants (x)

Metallic skull necklace (x)
Upon gifting his old necklace to his daughter he fashioned himself a wooden copy.

Leather bracers (x)
Leather breastplate (x)
Leather segmented pauldron (x)
Utility belt with attachments (x)

Machete with simple wooden handle (x)

[Image: fGyzyUw.png]
Loyal || Protective || Courageous
Despite all the unsavoury things he has done throughout the years, Rocky is a man of principles. He will not betray those who have earned either his respect or esteem. Backstabbing is the tool of the coward, he would much rather challenge his enemies upfront than scheme in the shadows for an honourless victory.
Given his physical strength he often feels entitled to defend his loved ones even at the cost of his own well-being. He is quick to jump into harm’s way teeth bared and caution set aside to protect his home and family. The possibility of perishing in combat doesn’t scare him, his belief in La Santa Muerte has resulted in him making amends with death since the first time he saw someone die.

Literal ||Forward || Unceremonious
He lacks the refinement of those born on wealthy, more-elegant environments, because of this he speaks bluntly and down to the point, rarely bothering to mellow his words to appease the listener. To romanticise one’s speech just to sound more intelligent is a tiresome habit, it annoys him, please don’t.

Resourceful || Hard working ||Self-sufficient
In order to provide for himself and avoid unnecessary expenses Rocky made it his goal to become a jack-of-all-trades, competent in several manual skills. From carpentry to leather-working, fishing and hunting, even horsemanship and livestock keeping – if it needs to be done and the pay is good, he will try to do it, fail, and try again.
With time he has focused more in abilities of his own interest, such as hunting, combat, horsemanship and crafting (wood/leather), he invests a great deal of time in the improving of said skills in order to make a living of them.

Ambitious || Resilient || Prideful
He has come a long way from his humble beginnings and isn’t willing to stop now. Wealth and recognition are his primary goals as he desires to enjoy that which he didn’t have as a low-born. He is proud of his origins and thinks poorly of those who feel superior for having from birth what he has worked hard to earn.
He has faced failure many times and certainly will have to deal with failure again. He sees no need to let such mishaps deter him from fighting for his goals. He goes through life unafraid to try again – as many times as necessary, until he gets it right. The only finite thing in life is death after all.

Impulsive || Self-indulgent || Opportunistic
He is a man of simple pleasures, food, sex, alcohol and adrenaline. Tempting him to indulge in any of these is an easy task. He has dealt with alcoholism in the past but has recently traded this vice for an equally harmful one, the thrill of adrenaline. He may make dangerous choices during a hunt or purposely provoke a fight with a stranger just to get a kick out of it.
He will make bad choices if they sound profitable, getting into trouble because of his eagerness to succeed. However, Tezca has become a conscience of sorts and now Rocky will consult with him before taking a really important decision ensuring he doesn’t mess up as often.

Dominant || Physical ||Volatile
His desire for respect has turned him into an intrinsically dominant creature. He is quick to assert his authority over individuals of a lower rank and will only remain neutral when facing someone superior in the hierarchy. Outside a group he keeps a challenging demeanour until roles are set, choosing aggression over dialogue to get his point across.
He is very traditional when it comes to displays of dominance and rarely compliments such with assertive words. For example, he may engage in conversation whilst keeping his ears and tail erect, and an authoritative posture but still address the other with cordiality.
He goes from 0 to 100 at the slightest provocation. It is impossible to predict whether he will laugh at an insult or try to rip the other’s head off. When he is angered all he sees is red, it would require several able-bodied individuals to pull him from a fight once his rage has been fully unleashed. Don’t mess with him when he is on a temper, you don’t want him to take it out on you.
His daughter Jamie Cortés

A Mexican jaguar named Tezcatlipoca (Tezca)

A large bay gelding named Miedoso (fearful)
He was born in El Malecón, Veracruz, a once bustling port where several groups of dogs settled down living an easy life thanks to the plentiful resources available. Rocky grew up with his mother and brother, never getting to know his father who left shortly after their conception. He and his brother began working before being able to shift, scrubbing floors, lifting crates of merchandise, delivering messages… anything that would bring food to the table they were up for it.

At the age of one year Rocky took interest in the local “dog fights”, weekly events in which men and women listed themselves to fight against each other for food and booze. His inexperience earned him several beatings and quite a few scars, but in his determination he began to better his combat skills to finally become a renowned combatant amongst the competitors. It was during this period of time that he discovered the power of an admirable reputation.

Things went well for the Cortés for about two years, their wealth growing little by little as one brother became a respectable merchant and the other a well-known brawler. Rocky helped keep his brother’s shop free of thieves and scammers, unafraid to intimidate customers into accepting “reasonable” deals or punishing individuals who foolishly attempted to steal from them. With their successful transactions catching the eye of other dogs in the business it was just a matter of time before trading alliances were formed and a trading company began to flesh itself out. It was then that the brother’s horizons expanded and new possibilities and dangers became evident.

Incoming caravans were sometimes attacked or even disappeared before reaching the city. For a time this was considered just part of the job, bandits on the roads weren’t a strange sighting after all, but as the number of attacks increased it became evident that someone with ill intent was behind those crimes. In a display of thoughtless bravado a group of fighters – Rocky included, took off in search of those responsible for the aggressions. They located a group of savage coyotes led by a crazed male who called himself Mictlantecuhtli, an ancient god of death and Lord of the underworld. He believed the dogs living in the remnants of the human city were traitors of the old ways, choosing more humanized lifestyles and turning back on the gods. He was a coyote afraid of change and progress, and he hated dogs.

After the first direct confrontation between the Malecón dogs and the extremist coyotes a Guerrilla started with quarrels happening frequently for over three months. Rocky was one of the main participants of that conflict, claiming the lives of many coyotes including Mictlantecuhtli’s daughter. On the final battle they finally managed to break into the enemy camp driving off the last of the extremists, plundering their treasures and burning whatever else remained in hopes the Mictlán coyotes would never come back. It was then that Rocky met Tezca, a young jaguar stolen as a cub by the group of religious fanatics and kept as a live trophy to signal their mad leader’s power. Scared and undernourished the year old feline would surely starve to death on its own.

Rocky took in the adolescent jaguar who warily accepted the food offered by his new keeper, slowly warming up to him until a bond of trust began to develop between the two of them. As the feline grew it became evident that living in the city wouldn’t be an option any more. Happy with his new companion and eager for a change of scenery Rocky finally parted ways with his family trusting they would be safe in his absence with the Mictlán coyotes gone.
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