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8th September 2017
There'd been a time when a young Boone held a certain sort of visual charisma, with a knowing arrogance that looked so natural on his face, but those days are ultimately behind him now. Boone has softened in both feature and form. At a height of six foot two inches, the former commandante of the Del Cenere Gang has lost much of his muscle tone and has gained a bit of weight around his belly from sustained alcohol abuse following the Del Mar conflict. He's gone full dadbod. His right arm has also atrophied slightly as a result of nerve damage.

Pulling himself back onto the straight and narrow with the help of his half-sister Pontifex, Boone has made great strides in addressing the toxic cycles in his life; a progression reflected in his appearance. His hair has been cut short; his wild, youthful locks of dark grey replaced by a tidy crop.

There is often a smattering of dirt from the garden underneath Boone's fingernails, but despite this, he appears well put-together.

His coat of warm oranges and reds darkens with a dappling of browns and grey along his saddle. Though, it is seldom seen as Boone is highly humanized and he wears humble clothes of rough spun fabric.
Boone has never been the easiest to love. Stubborn and arrogant, Boone could once be defined by an ego the size of a small planet. However, this is no longer the case.

A much needed reality check came in the form of the Del Mar conflict, a dispute between the Del Cenere Gang and the Del Mar family, a group of southern traders. Believing himself to be the blame for the death of both his uncle and the young Luciana Tejada, Boone's ego has effectively been quashed.

What remains is a fractured man made up of incomplete parts. In a way, it's been a crisis of identity for Boone, who finds his personality in an uncertain state of flux -- but it has also been an opportunity to start over. His proclivity for substance abuse being the first priority. After deciding to sober up, Boone has started to put himself back together in a healthier way and reintegrate himself into pack life.

He is still, however, burdened by guilt. After all, no amount of healthy living can undo the damage caused by Boone's mistakes as the Del Cenere Gang's Commandante, but it's something of a start.
To put it simply, Boone never really had a chance.

Born on the eve of the Inferni/Salsola war, Boone Lykoi and his sister Merari Tears were thrust into chaos from a very young age. His earliest memories are of the trauma of the D'Neville Mansion being razed to the ground by Salsolan raiders. At the close of the war, he and his family were forced away from their home. The price of peace was high, and the cost only increased as the inhospitable north turned severe.

Inferni settled to the north east of the Halcyon Mountains in the old ancestral homeland. Starting over proved difficult, but Inferni was able to establish a semi-solid foothold in the area. It was there that Boone and his sister reached shifting age. Their family knew little of plenty, living together in a humble buckskin tent. Meals were infrequent and an air of stagnation had begun to set in at camp.

On the cusp of young adulthood, Boone gravitated toward his adoptive older brother, Nazario Del Bosque, whom Boone looked up to and saw as a role model. Together, the two ventured away from inferni's borders and held up a trader for his goods. However, as the robbery began to turn south, and out of fear for Nazario's life, Boone ended up shooting the trader with his bow, killing him. Together, they returned the goods to Inferni in the hopes that it would help revitalize their ailing pack.

Upon return, Boone was rebuked by his parents, Vicira Tears and Redtooth (Andrew Winthrop).

Shortly thereafter, Boone's younger siblings were born. Rhodes and Eli Winthrop were not long for this world due to poor conditions in Inferni. Eli met an early end due to illness, and Rhodes met a particularly violent end, having been torn apart at the border by some unknown assailant. Boone's parents marriage did not withstand the trauma of losing their son in such a violent way. In the aftermath, Vicira abandoned Inferni.

Redtooth followed after her in an attempt to bring her back home, but it was for naught. After waiting a few weeks, Redtooth was presumed dead and the remaining members of inferni formed the Coyote Cartel, a nomadic band traveling south with the sole purpose of finding somewhere hospitable to live.

In their travels the coyote cartel merged with another band that called themselves the Drygrass Posse.

Together, they settled around Moosehead Lake and formed the Del Cenere gang under the leadership of Nazario Del Bosque, with Boone sitting as his Commandante and right hand man.

Boone shortly after married Dahlia de le Poer, and together they had two children; Rhodes and Lyla Winthrop.

Concerned with establishing a proper foothold for the gang, Boone traveled south on trade and made contact with a powerful trading family and distant relatives with an extensive trade network to the south. Boone offered to move goods north for a share in the barter.

Things went well for a time, but as Boone started to take more and more for himself and the gang, conflict eventually erupted, claiming the lives of his uncle and a young child. Boone himself was maimed in the conflict and has lost most of the range of motion in his right arm.

In the wake of the Del Mar conflict, Boone has stepped down from his position of leadership and believes it to be the wisest decision he has ever made.
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