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Cairina is a small canine. Her coat is mostly golden, with darker patches on her shoulders and waist. Due to her dog heritage,her tail is slightly longer than a wolf's, and her right ear is slightly droopy. She has heterochromy, her right eye being orange and the left, lilac. Complexion wise, she has slender legs, but broad shoulders. Her fur has a wolf's double layer, but is slightly longer along her belly and her haunches. She is better at short and quick races, rather than long ones.

In Security form, she grows taller and her shoulders are broader, but her looks are mostly the same. Her physical strength increases, so she visits this form more often than Lupus, mainly for long hunting parties with no weapons available, to make a quick escape if necessary.

Optime is her default form. She has a very swimmer-like body, with broad shoulders and slightly smaller hips, with a rather unnoticeable waist, even as she stands upright most of the time. She is well toned and possesses good arm strength, product of her archery training, but has a hard time putting on muscle weight. Her face is mostly wolf-like. She styles her mane sideways, covering her droopy ear. Modifications: three silver studs on each ear, and a few sparse scars.

She wears mostly simple tops and shorts, dons a wool cloak during winter, and leather protections on her forearms and left shoulder.

  • Lupus: 30 kg, 68 cm
  • Secui: 61 kg, 95 cm
  • Optime: 76 kg, 168 cm
She is an outgoing individual, witty and eager to give a piece of her mind whenever it's possible. This usually makes her come off as arrogant, and she certainly trusts herself above others to do tasks she is good at. However, some major insecurities can be surfaced when pressing the right buttons, which more often than not provokes an irrational response from her.

She does not follow an established moral code. As long as it suits her needs, she is down to do it. This means that she's open to experimenting things that could potentially bring her an advantage, such as good relationships or a good payment.

Most of her insecurities surround the mindset of not being good enough. She's especially concerned about her worth, hence she tries to push herself into success. Critique is not always taken well, and the wrong wording could easily spark resentment and a rude response. She has periodical episodes of compulsive behaviour, such as working nonstop for days, barely sleeping or eating, and neglecting whatever doesn't concern the task itself. Otherwise, she manages to keep her life in relative balance.

She's often flirtatious towards both genders. Men are easier to handle, whereas she's still nervous around women in a sexual scenario. Not promiscuous, but doesn't usually say no to casual sex.
The pack she was born in was mostly fighters, and as such, she was trained on her chosen weapon as soon as she became capable of shifting. She also showed talent in handling horses and the main horse caretaker taught her the basics of horse training, riding, and how to tend to minor wounds.

However, as she grew, the leadership was taken over by another male, who became rather greedy and arrogant, taking whichever female he desired using his rank as an excuse. When her own mother tried to persuade her to quit her training and submit sexually to him, she decided to leave, cutting any sort of relations with her older pack. As far as she knows, her immediate family is dead and the pack was disbanded.

When she fleft, she took with her a few of her belongings, such as her leather armour, her bow and arrows, and two horses that belonged to her mother and her. She acquired clothes and some other tools and trinkets by working as a hunter for small caravans. Since she used to help to take care of the pack's horses, she'd sometimes travel for short periods with them as a horse caretaker.

It was during one of these journeys that she arrived into 'Souls territory.
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