Elias Einar

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37.5% Timber Wolf, 25% Golden Jackal, 25% Cape Jackal, 12.5% Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Date of Birth:
20th November 2017
Luperci Ortus
Lupus: 3'0" at shoulders, 120lbs
Secui: 4'0" at shoulders, 200lbs
Optime 7'6" at top of head, 280lbs
Elias possesses a very distinctive appearance, his blood sports an odd mix of giant dog breeds, wolf, and jackal. As a result of the jackal portion of his lineage, Elias possesses a slender physique and narrow features, however, that's the extent of it, as his muzzle is squared like that of a wolf, and he has rose ears which fold down unless actively pricked, a feature that betrays his dog heritage. Elias is a giant, with long and sleek limbs despite his slight frame. The hybrid's eyes are a striking ice blue which stand out in stark contrast with the dark frame of his face. His eyes typically have a somewhat cold and perceptive feel about them, though typically the man acts friendly enough.

The hybrid sports a stony grey pelt, his markings are distinctive and he is quite handsome in his way. His hair is a mottled dark grey that hangs around his eyes in loose waves, his fur running the range from black to light grey in spots and is quite dense, thick, and course. The clothing that Elias wears tends to be monochrome as well, it's common to find the male dressed in black overclothes, with undershirt and pants ranging from shades of grey to dull browns and tans.
From an outside perspective, Elias' personality is hard to gauge. Upon first glance, the male seems pleasant, amiable, benevolent. He portrays an avid interest in his hobbies and his trade. He's kind, sweet, suave, charming, and chivalrous, almost to an artificial seeming degree. For someone who seems so charming and kind and so near perfect, one perhaps can't help but feel like maybe there's something off about the Einar son.

Elias was around for the death of his father, and shortly after was abandoned by his mother and sister, possessing a keen intelligence, and a deep understanding of what people want, and what they like to hear, Elias carefully crafted his charm through his years in order to suit his needs. It's a means to an end, a way to get what he wants, and often, with a handsome smile and a well placed compliment or offer, he does, but it's uncertain, when someone fails to give him what he wants, he might choose to show them something a bit less friendly

Cold eyes betray nothing of what Elias is thinking or feeling in his interactions and exchanges, smiles are brilliant but do not light his eyes, which seem to possess an unyielding and dark intensity.
Elias was among the last Anathemans born within the pack's lands before it's disbandment. Some of his earliest memories include a brother kidnapped and lost one cold night, and his house burning during the fall of Anathema. He remembers watching his father burned and scarred to the point of disfigurement when he rescued his sister from a burning building. Later, Elias remembers watching his loving father slowly succumb to a madness that turned him into a monster, he remembers watching the very ones who swore to uphold good and justice in the land drag his father behind a horse as a captive, and watching one of them sever his head as if it were a trophy. He watched the final moments of his first home, and the final moments of his father, and around the same time, he watched his mother take his sister and leave somewhere he couldn't follow on his own.

Later on, Elias took an interest in Johanna Greyfire and followed her and her family west where they settled and formed the group Bete Noire, however, during a trade gone bad with a member of Casa di Cavalieri, Elias took the life of Rumpa before fleeing North. It was at this time that Elias' mother found him and gave him shelter for a short time, introducing the boy to a few new siblings he'd as of yet been unaware of. After departing from his mother, Elias returned to BN and enticed the young Johanna to leave with him, the pair of them having spent the last year traveling the mainland finding trade and good business for BN, though taking care not to stay in one place for too long, lest he be recognized for his mounting crimes.
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