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18th September 2018
Johanna is largely wolf in terms of looks as that is the largest portion of her genetic makeup, however, the female's mother is mostly dog and this manifests in Johanna in the form of a slightly narrower snout, pointier ears, and fur that is more soft than that of a normal wolf's coarse pelt. She is approximately 6'4" in height in Optime form, with ash grey hair that's mostly straight and falls down her back in long choppy layers of a medium grey color that can at times appear quite messy. Accenting the ash grey is a strand of white hair that is part of her bangs, the same color as the rest of her fur.

Johanna stands at 6'4" and has deep blue eyes the color of the ocean, as of yet, she has no scars, but her tail was broken as a result of an accident surrounding her birth and bends at an unnatural angle in the middle of it's length. She is largely white in color with darker grey running from the top of her neck down past her shoulder blades. She isn't very athletic in shape but is still on the slimmer side, her body usually concealed beneath a knee length dress with long sleeves.
From a very young age Johanna showed signs of exhibiting a strong drive for adventure and an outgoing personality, always pushing to explore the boundaries and surroundings that her parents set for her. Since then however, the young Greyfire has retreated into her shell a bit and become a more reserved, shy person, opting to keep her thoughts to herself more than expressing herself openly.

This shift in personality was brought about by a few things, firstly, when her mother somewhat forcefully tried to teach Johanna to become a warrior against her will, the young female rebelled, having no interest in such things, this caused her to become somewhat more reserved with her family, being less comfortable opening up to them and expressing her wants and needs as a whole. Johanna had no interest in learning to fight, in things that were hard and uncomfortable, seeing these things as pointless and seeing her mother as selfish for trying to force her into it. Apart from this, primarily, a shy demure nature developed within Johanna when she was noticed by older male and fellow bandmate Elias, wanting to earn his favor, the male ended up with more than a little power to shape and manipulate her however he wanted.
Father - Lukos Greyfire
Mother - Nyx Greyfire
Siblings - Whisper Mayflower, Besekel, Uriah, Seira, Nomos, Worick, Nicolas, Alexandra Greyfire, Mithra Blackfire
Friends - Manitou King, Orion Knight
Enemies? - Elias Einar
Johanna was born to a litter of multiple stillbirths after an accident sustained in Biff's bar where her pregnant mother Nyx had a table thrown at her abdomen. Johanna was the only surviving pup but did not escape without injury, being born with a crooked broken tail that bends half way down. She was born into a Loner band called The Order where she knew of some uncles and remnants of the pack her parents had lived in prior.

They left the order when Johanna was a few months old, Elias following the Greyfire family all around the map until they eventually settled down and formed their own Loner band which they called BĂȘte Noire. Life was simple and quiet for a while in BN, until Elias convinced Johanna to leave with him on a trading venture, an arrangement where they would semi frequently stop by the Loner band to pick up supplies and go out into the territories to trade for other new or useful items and supplies which they would then take back to BN in a continuous circuit.

Life on the road with Eli at first seemed like a magical prospect to the young, lovestruck girl, but there are times when she can't help but wonder if this life was all it was cracked up to be. Regardless, she has gained a new and deepened appreciation for her home and her family.
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