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Luperci Ortus
Saga is obviously a hybrid. Although she takes after her wolfish heritage strongly, there's a litheness that betrays sighthound heritage. She's slightly undersized and noticeably underweight, but she carries herself well enough to make up for it.

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Saga is a skeptic, the Scully to everyone's Mulder. She’s stoneface and rarely takes things at face value. She’s stubborn and is always incredibly hesitant to accept help or admit she’s wrong. She reluctantly accepts authority, but will bend rules to her liking if she thinks she can get away with it. As mature as she is, she’s still emotionally underdeveloped and has sizeable issues with expressing herself and admitting weakness. Saga tends to keep to herself and remains as uninvolved with the outside world as she can get away with. She isn’t without impulsiveness of course, and it’s not clear whether this is a folly of youth or a concrete trait just yet. She values what is right, truth and facts above the feelings of others. She is, however, aware of her faults and is willing (or at least would be in the future) to work on them. At the moment however she is a very defensive child and prefers to push people away from her.

Contrary to her outward personality, with those she trusts and feels comfortable with, she’s a lot less likely to be blunt and insensitive. It takes a while to gain her trust, but when it has been earned it is absolute. It’s less difficult to lose her favour, but even still, she is willing to give several changes before cutting ties. She values her friends and family highly.

Underneath the stony exterior, she’s sensitive and and full of concern. As she values orders, she lives with the constant worry that someone will upset the delicate balance she has crafted.
Father- Ankh D'Aabt
Mother- Grace Revlis
Full Siblings- Malfoy D'Angelo, Baelish D'Angelo.
Half Siblings- Khalifa D'Angelo, Canon D'Angelo, Narcissa Greygrief, Saint Moineau, Freya D'Lykoi.
Children- Caspar, Daniel, Ramsey, Evariste, Esyllt
She was born somewhere near Portland, the youngest of three, and only girl. She and her siblings came into this world as a the result of a trade deal. Having grown bored of trying to find a stable relationship before begetting his progeny, Ankh solicited a stranger to carry his children. Ankh had minimal contact with the young trio up until the age of weaning, when they were transferred into his custody.

Growing up, Saga was undoubtedly the black sheep. While Baelish and Malfoy were receptive of their father’s teacher, she was not. Her father’s insistence that she was “blessed” in some way, as her coat began to lose it’s pitch black sheen, eventually drove her to depart from the Outpost she had been raised in.

Just before her seventh month mark, she set out to find her ancestral homeland, merely notifying her brother’s at daybreak and directing them to pass the message onto their father and the rest of the Outpost’s inhabitants.
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