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Cecily is 5'3'' and thin-boned. She stands at 23 inches in Lupus form and weighs about 64 lbs. She has long, thin legs and looks like she might blow away in the next heavy breeze. She doesn't look very different in Secui form other than being taller and heavier. She stands at about 34 inches and weighs about 110 lbs in Secui form. She is very humanized in her Optime form, lightly muscled, standing at only 5'3'' and only weighing 155 lbs.

She has thick chocolate fur with heterochromatic eyes. Her left eye is green and her right eye is blue. Her eyes are very kind, but the kindness hides her pain. She stands insecurely as if she never knows what to do with herself. Her shoulders slouch and she usually holds herself in a sort of hugging position, as if she's trying to protect herself from an unknown being.

She has many scars crisscrossing her back, along with three thinner scars on her left muzzle. She wears a silver chain necklace with a red gem. It hangs down to the top of her sternum. Her hair is also chocolate brown, darker than her fur, and is in between wavy and curly. It hangs down to the middle of her back and part of it rests on her face.

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Cecily is a sweetheart. She is very open-minded, but her body tends to react to males badly. She also is very guarded until she knows you aren't a threat, at which point she opens up. She tends to be wary of anybody new, especially if they are much larger than her (which is almost everybody).

She has had more positive interactions with animals than other canines and tends to prefer to be alone with them or be with Tanya. Despite this, she really wants to be with others but trusting them is hard in the beginning.

She had PTSD from when she lived with Tanya's family. She is very jumpy, hypervigilant, and re-experiences her ordeal. When she does get to sleep, her dreams are plagued with nightmares.

She desperately wants to know who and what her parents were. Why did they treat her so cruelly? Why could they get anything they wanted? Why did they sell her to Tanya's family? Why were they at odds with Tanya's family in the first place? Unfortunately, her intense fear of both them and her past blocks any attempts to actually reach out.

Her archetype is Submissive-Moralistic. When she's in a good mood she's bubbly, cheerful, loving, affectionate, goofy, playful, etc. The negative part is that she can be insecure, fearful, sensitive, anxious, flighty, etc. . . . Her alignment is Neutral Good.
Tanya (Partner)

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.
Cecily Fay’s family pack was a pretty dark pack. They traded in a black market of sorts and had lots of access to lots of things. Due to this, she grew up in relative comfort when it came to material items. Unfortunately, her parents were under a lot of stress due to this. They took out their stress on her. She was a middle daughter, and relatively useless until she could be married off. Her family was hostile towards her, but they also gave her whatever she wanted. She asked for companion animals (Troy the Pine Marten and Chrono the Barred Owl) and soon spent more time with them than she did with her family.

Then her pack got in a bit of trouble with a neighboring pack. To patch things up, her parents married (sold) her off to the other pack’s heir, Blake. He was handsome, dark and tall. He was charming, in the beginning at least. Less charming when he realized Cecily had fallen for his sister, Tanya. (And Tanya had fallen for her) In his rage, he delved into alcohol and, eventually, drugs.

Then he snapped. He beat and raped her. Tanya found her and tried to protect her for almost a week, but eventually, she was sent away with the threat that, if she returned, they would kill Cecily. When she returned a few hours later (She had spent the time packing and hiding) Cecily had been raped and beaten once more. Blake had left to find Tanya and beat her, too. Barely conscious, Cecily tried to warn her, but Tanya had already hatched a plan to escape.

That night, they escaped and traveled East. And the day before they reached the canines that would eventually found Mistfell Vale, Blake + cohorts found them. Unfortunately (I suppose that depends on your perspective, Cecily thinks it’s fortunate, Tanya wishes she was there to try and stop it), Tanya had just left to find food for them while Cecily made camp. After having beaten and raped Cecily, their assaulters drank to sweet victory. Then they left Cecily for dead. Tanya came back to a half-dead Cecily and a wrecked campsite. Fortunately, she had found the future Mistwalkers on her hunt for food. She brought them with her when they heard Cecily’s howls of pain.
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