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Day is on the smaller side for a wolf, her petite stature does not get much bigger as she shifts. Her fur is luxurious and well maintained, and is complete alabaster in color. The snowy white is only marred by a splash of obsidian on her breast like a painters brush splotched it on there. Her eyes are also heavily rimmed in the same shadowy color, with the typical Attaya markings over her eyes that are also marked in black.

Her fur is dense and plush, allowing her to survive even the most frigid temperatures without even batting an eye. One would think this would make the summer months unbearable, but it does not as the white is reflective and does not absorb the heat as much, and her dense coat keeps her cool as it keeps the heat of the sun off her skin.

Day's eyes are a pale straw gold in color. They are sharp and inquisitive, conveying all natural emotions through them as Day tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. She is not one to hide her emotions, no matter how extreme. Her nose and paw pads are dark, almost black in color as well as her lips.

In Luperci form, Day is still short, but curvy, and she uses her femininity to get what she wants if she thinks it will work.
Brash: Day can be a little over confident in everything she does in life and therefore can come off as a bit brash. She will try to easily fool others in believing she is more capable at a task than she actually is. It goes as far as she actually believes she is more competent than she actually is which can result in dangerous situations at the wrong times. She is just highly spirited and wishes to be helpful, but her over energetic attitude can be a little much for others.

Impulsive: You know when your mother asks if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? Day would not even give it a second thought before hurling herself over the cliffedge. No second thought for the safety of herself or those around her. She is very quick to act and react which makes her a quick decision maker, but this isn’t always a good thing as it has and will get her into trouble. She does not always think about the consequences or the fallout of what certain actions may cause.

Hard Working: While she can have some negative traits, there is one thing that others could say about the woman and that is that she is very hard working. She will go above and beyond to make herself available to those who are close to her even if she becomes a little obsessive about her current task. It can be annoying to those around her, but if she takes interest in something she will see it through until the end.

Logical: Day is always thinking outside the box. She is a very logical being and can weigh pros and cons in order to come up with a decision (even if it is an impulsive decision) and will always take the logical explanation. If she thinks about her situation before acting brashly or impulsively, she can actually come up with a straightforward plan. It is just a matter of getting her to sit and think about her decisions before she makes them.

Protective: Family comes first in every aspect of her life. She is very protective of those she loves and will throw herself into harm's way if it means saving someone from any type of pain. She always has their back, without question and will fight her way tooth-and-nail to defend them.

Disruptive: Along the lines of being impulsive, Day can get big, grand ideas that overwhelm her all at once which can cause her to be a bit disruptive as she wants to share these ideas immediately. Even if it means cutting someone off to share those ideas. Her energetic speech can be a little much for some, and even her family at times, but she always means well and usually will regret blurting out every thought that comes to mind and wished she could be a better listener.
Mother: Hartt Attaya
Father: Darkness Hushhowl
Siblings: Dawn Hushhowl, Night Hushhowl, Dusk Hushhowl, Temnota Hushhowl and Pushok Hushhowl
Adopted Siblings: Leonidas (Leo) Attaya
Extended: Too many.
Born to Darkness Hushhowl and Hartt Attaya, the circumstances of her birth are not remembered to Day, which is probably for the best. Born outside the lands she now resides while her mother was held captive as a slave. Hartt rescued a young male pup and had made her way home where Day was raised alongside her newly adopted brother Leonidas Attaya.

The rest of her childhood remained uneventful, raised along the Hushhowl clan within Casa di Cavalieri and before too long she was accepted within the adult ranks where she fluctuated up and down in the lower Echelon. She was never able to get her stuff together enough, always having remained flighty at best, she came and went from the outpost before settling for a little bit of time. Training took up most of her days no matter where she was. Her brash and impulsive nature made it hard for her to settle down in one place for too long before growing bored and moving on again. She was always drawn back to the main pack where most of her family resided. The death of both her mother and father absolutely devastated and thought it better to stick around for support as well as to support her family through their grieving.

Fighting the urge to make her own way, she once again settled within the pack and found a love interest in Jamie O'Neill (at least she thought).

She learned a few months later that he had a litter of puppies in which he intended to raise. This threw Day for a loop and she found herself hiding from him and her own conflicting emotions. Before she had a chance to confront the man again, a discovery was made that he was part of a plot to tear down Casa di Cavalieri and remake it in their image, resulting in the death of the Lune at the time Luca Knight.

Unable to deal with the heart break as well as the betrayal to the pack she held most dear, Day became a shell of her former self and retreated into and away from the others. She stayed close to home for some time, until now, she has just begun to start picking up the pieces of her life once again.
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