Yuka Nukilik

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Canis lupis arctos
Date of Birth:
11th April 2016
Luperci Ortus
Eyes: Almond-shaped, black-rimmed amber (#ffbf00)

Fur: Predominately white (FFFFFF) with dusting of white smoke (F5F5F5) across ridges of her ears, saddle and down the centre of her tail.

Body modifications: Tattooing. Yuka has traditional Inuit tattooing on her face and legs. This tattooing is done by branding the stripes onto her skin to remove permanently the fur, and colouring those stripes in with crushed charcoal or coal from fires or abandoned mines. These tattoos need to be refreshed every few weeks, which Yuka does ritualistically.

Lupus: 26 in tall, 60 inches long, 65 lb
Secui: 38 in tall, 115 lb
Optime: 5 ft 6 in tall, 145 lb

An Arctic Wolf, Yuka has shorter legs, a shorter muzzle and more rounded ears than other species of wolf.

These features are present in her Secui and Optime forms as well. In Secui her muscles are bulkier than in Lupus but she is overall very sleek and slender, able to easily move around and light on her feet. In Optime she is short compared to many others and wears her hair down in thick waves and loose-fitting, non-restrictive clothing like sundresses and shifts.

Body language: Yuka’s parents raised her to be confident and efficient and this presents in her body language. She is careful about what messaging she puts forth verbally or physically and rarely seems out of control of herself – calculated, built for survival. Her head is always held high and eyes facing directly unless culture of whatever pack she’s in favours physical submission to its leaders, which she will then abide by…begrudgingly.

[Image: gVCoSwGm.jpg]
Yuka may come off as aloof but that is only because she is quite introverted and prefers to observe and analyze rather than to participate. Despite this she is very hard working and loyal and strives to protect those she cares about and her home above all else. Others may see her as overly serious but she does have a more relaxed, shier side that comes out when she gets closer to someone.

Myers Briggs: ISFJ (The Protector)

Strengths: Analytical, Supportive, Patient, Observant, Loyal, Hard working, Practical, Informative

Weaknesses: Shy, Introverted, takes things too personally, overworks, reluctant to change, too altruistic

ISFJ’s are greatly concerned with the security of others. Protectors are also quite skilled at executing routines and this enables them to be skillful in jobs that require conservation skills such as curators or police officers. Protectors are thorough, frugal and they abhor the squandering of material resources.

Protectors have a very strong work ethic and this can lead them to be overworked. The least hedonistic of the role variants, Protectors are willing to complete jobs other role variants manage to avoid, especially if it enables them to help those in need.

Protectors value traditional ways of doing things and are not interested in experimentation or speculation. They deeply value family history, heirlooms and property as well as cultural norms and traditions. Protectors firmly believe in the stability offered by credentials, titles, offices, birth and other forms of traditional authority. Protectors dislike situations where the rules are constantly changing.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protector_...-keirsey-1)
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Father – Kallik Nukilik
Mother – Tapeesa Nukilik
Aunt – Atiqtalik Ayaruaq
Brother – Toklo Nukilik
Yuka was born in the spring of 2016 under the return of the midnight sun, on the tundra in the Kivalliq region of the Canadian territory of Nunavut. Her parents, Kallik and Tapeesa, were the Alpha pair of a pack of 10 Arctic wolves who had made the Kivalliq their home. Her early days were spent chasing ptarmigan across the slowly budding tundra with her brother, Toklo. Food was scarce in the region due to overhunting of caribou from the surrounding packs who had encroached on their territory from their original lands in the Northwest Territories.

Due to this shortage and a warmer climate keeping the caribou further south, her parents decided to move their pack across the still-melting ice on Hudson Bay towards the Northern regions of Quebec. Here they followed caribou and had a successful summer hunting season but with winter came the competition – hungry polar bears. No match for the larger predators the pack was forced to move south again, changing their diet from caribou to white-tail deer and moose when they could bag one.

As Yuka and Toklo got older and came into their adulthood, the yearling Toklo decided to branch off on his own to find a new pack and new experiences. Despite the pain she saw it bring to her parents, this inspired Yuka to forge her own path as well, so on her first birthday she asked permission from her parents to leave the pack in search of adventure. They agreed – with one caveat – she had to bring her aunt, Atiqtalik, her father’s sister.

Atiqtalik and Yuka set out from the Northern reaches of Quebec and went east, slowly becoming accustomed to the warmer climate and unique fauna to the region. Somewhere along the way they were joined by a few other stragglers, one of whom Atiqtalik fell in love with and left Yuka after much deliberation to start their own pack. Despite offers to join, Yuka was not yet satisfied that she had seen what the new land had to offer, and so she trekked on.

Now Yuka has crossed into New Brunswick near St. John, where after months of travelling on her own she finds herself wanting something more – a pack, a purpose.
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