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Dog-dominant wolf/dog/coyote hybrid
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7th December 2016
Luperci Ortus
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Benjamin is quite a stocky character; well built with large muscle mass and a layer of long fur to mask it, making him look cuddly yet fierce. He is of a standard size but bulky 34 in. high and 102 lbs in lupus form, 45 in. high and 158 lbs in secui form, and 79 in. high and 210 lbs in optimal form. His paws are worn and hard with many scars. He has an average tail which is slightly curled with waxy, long, slightly wavy thick fur that covers most of the rest of his body---which is quite spiky and unpleasant to touch if brushed the wrong way. Most of his fur is clumped into spikes, giving him a haphazard and rugged appearance. In optimal form, the wavy long hair of his mane is usually pulled back straight into a bum with some shorter strands spiking outward and over his features. His fur is grey & sandy agouti with tan points, residual white and overlaying black/brown saddle and a black back stripe. His ears are large and long like a Dobermans, one sticks straight up and curls backward slightly while the other flops over to the side. He has sharp features: narrow eyes, high cheekbones, sharp jaw and long wide muzzle. He has brown eyes that turn gradually into a grey-blue around the edge of the iris. His expression's that of a grimace or a scowl naturally. On his back he bears the scars of being beaten and whipped, most covered by his long fur or clothing, unnoticed. He wears a dirty and stained custom crafted button-up vest of scavenged jean clothing that he has to take off when shifting. This vest is embroidered on the back with wool of an eagle in flight. Along with the vest, he wears a pair of baggy shorts made from soft leather with dangles at the bottoms of traditional native origin. He uses a belt of deer skin to secure it and to hold a sheath for his knife as well as a clothed pouch and leather canteen. On his hands, he wears one brass knuckles and three silver bands on the other.
Benjamin is lawful-neutral. He is afraid to get close to anyone and feels that everyone doesn't like him. He doesn't answer to anyone or anything. On the outside he is not very expressive emotionally or verbally, he likes to keep conversations short and to the point. Hidding his emotions from most people causes him to act out on those emotions usually aggressively, but he wouldn't dare hurt anyone he cares about. He hates love, because it hurts, and hates romantic relationships but longs for one. He's broken from a broken childhood of abuse and neglect and often takes after the ways his mother had tried to save him to be but more so the aggressive nature his father was. He is very sympathetic of survivors of abuse and gravitates towards them as broken people gravitate towards one another. He swears alot and is quite arrogant, blunt, and doesn't give two shits about anyone who he doesn't know. He likes to hunt, it's therapeutic for him. He can fight, and often provokes it. He's not real "touchy-feely" but has a sensitive side and only shows the slightest bit of vulnerability with the people he trusts most, or if he is under the influence of alcohol. He hates himself but hides it under his arrogance and makes people hate him before they get to know him. He isn't a sexual person and is to awkward to get into a relationship like that anyway. If you have the chance to know him and somehow get close to him he will be loyal to you till the end and will express his loyalty in a follower/soldier type fashion. In short- he is an insufferable prick badass redneck romantically challenged broken child with a sensitive side.
All are dead or not known to him.
Ben was born into a broken family living in a slum household in the Maine area. His mother tried to raise him right, but it wasn't long before she died, leaving him and his brothers to the wrath of their drug loving, drunk father. His brothers left before much could happen, as they were older. Ben, however, dealt with his fathers' beatings for most of his young life before his father died of an overdose. Following his fathers' habits, he would drink but never do drugs, he would "never be like his father". He never cared much about anyone as he went hunting and wandering, getting drunk and making a few loner friends here and there to get drunk with and hunt with then forget about. Most of the time he was on his own, though, wandering, pretending not to care when he cares all too much. He's never had a real family or real friends. Hopefully, maybe, someday someone or something will happen to come into his life and change him for the better.
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