Sir Jesper IV the Ace of Birdsburgh

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Crow (Specifically the Northwestern Crow if it matters)
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2nd May 2011
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Sir Jesper IV the Ace of Birdsburgh is a fine specimen of a bird. His glorious black feathers are sleek and shiny and allow him to blend in easily with the darkness of the night. When the light is focused upon his feathers, they show a soft blue tint. His eyes are dark and deep like the night, though they sparkle with cunning and intelligence like the stars in the sky. His talons are sharp and his beak is always at the ready should the opportunity for action present itself. For a small bird, Jesper IV is well-built. His wings are powerful and his grip is tight to ensure that none escape his grasp. Though he is simply a bird, so overpowering him is a rather simple matter.

Though he seems but a simple crow, Sir Jesper IV is a noble bird of great lineage. He bears himself with a sort of pride and nobility unlike that of other birds. This makes him stand out among the murder as a truly extraordinary crow. He flies with majesty, agile and fast as the wind. When in action, Jesper IV acts quickly and efficiently, overwhelming obstacles with excellent skills in flight and trickery. Whether his feathers are illuminated in the moonlight or his glorious visage is lit up by the sun, Jesper IV's glory is quite magnificent.
Sir Jesper IV the Ace of Birdsburgh is a royal bird of noble blood, and he acts the part. He carries himself high with noble bearing and often perches up high to look down on others. He thinks of others as stupid and beneath him, though there are exceptions. For example, he treats other birds with the utmost respect. And if you give him treats and treat him well, then he will consider you a friend and treat you well as well. If you're a truly great friend, then perhaps he will honor you with the highest honor available for him to give out: The stick.

To those he does not deem worthy of his respect, Jesper's just kind of a jerk. He likes to throw stones, steal from people, and just generally be a nuisance. This is if he simply doesn't like someone. If Jesper doesn't like someone and also considers them dangerous, then he will take precautions to attempt to distract or defeat them in order to either let those he cares about escape or to defeat them himself.

In general, Sir Jesper IV the Ace of Birdsburgh is a pretentious and noble bird, but none of this can be expressed outwardly because he doesn't speak.
Sir Jesper IV the Ace of Birdsburgh hails from a noble family in Birdsburgh. Though his relatives are nowhere near, he fights in their name. Though he is new to this land, perhaps he shall find some new friends. (or subjects)
Jesper IV was born into a noble family in the lustrous land of Birdsburgh in western Canada. Nobody knows it's Birdsburgh because the birds don't often talk to others, but it's a land filled with birds of all kinds. Jesper IV took all the precautions he could to be a great and noble bird. He helped other birds, fended off intruders, and took care of his home. For his services and skill, the King of Birdsburgh knighted Jesper IV, granting him the rather lengthy title of Sir Jesper IV the Ace of Birdsburgh.

When the time came, Sir Jesper IV the Ace of Birdsburgh left his homeland of Birdsburgh on orders from the King. He was to explore the land and spread the influence of Birdsburgh. However, while on his journey to the east, Jesper IV got caught up in a large storm and lost his way. After having lost his way, Jesper IV wandered for a long while before ending up within the territory of the Luperci in the east. Now lost within unknown territory, he seeks to either settle down and begin again or return to his homeland of Birdsburgh. One day, he shall rise like the legendary phoenix and fight for the glory of Birdsburgh and his people.
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