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Second Cadet
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Discord Handle: Hannawolf#1009
Hybrid (63.283% wolf, 25% coyote, 11.719% dog)
Date of Birth:
24th March 2017
Luperci Ortus
Kira is just within the normal height for wolves, standing at 5 feet and 8 inches tall. She has little true fat on her, but her hips are well rounded, with relatively small breasts in Optime. Her ears reveal her coyote heritage, standing tall and pointier than a full-blooded wolf's might. She favors her Optime form although she is still comfortable in her Lupus and Secui forms as well. In Optime, she's a solid 190 lbs. Her mane, grown out in Optime, curls in pretty, dark-hued loops and waves around her shoulders that she pulls back into a tail when it needs to be out of the way.

Kira's pelt is colored in a range of red-browns, from a cape of Coffee Bean (#2C0E0C) that runs from between her ears, down her back and shoulders to the tip of her tail, through Cedar(#431714) and Cocoa Bean (#58261F) (which makes up the majority of her coloring) to lightest Pharlap (#9E7B77) on her jaw, throat, and belly. She has a facial marking in Pharlap that covers her eyebrows, cheeks, and part of her muzzle, with a streak of Cedar that gives the illusion of tears running down from her eyes; the end of her snout is dipped in Coffee Bean. Eyes of a bright Pastel Green (#4EE866) shine from her face, complemented nicely by her reddish coat.

Being a Damaichu descendant, Kira has chosen a marking to be painted -- and perhaps eventually tattooed -- around her right eye. A curved triangle, similar to a Reuleaux triangle, drops down from the outer corner and about two-thirds of the way toward her inner corner, stretching to meet in a point on her cheekbone. A streak sweeps shallowly upward from her eye's outer corner to her frontal bone, and two wedged, "claw" marks sit above her eye, pointing toward her eye-pips. The whole mark is painted in Zanah (#DAECD6), a green just a few marks away from white.
80 lbs (36.3 kg)
30 in (76.2 cm)

145 lbs (65.8 kg)
40 in (101.6 cm)
Kira is... nice. She's a good girl, patient to a fault and kind beyond words. Some of this is innate; her fathers were both quiet, thoughtful, and intelligent men, and her Uncle Callum, though tough, is more of the same. Her mother, for all her vices, was not a horrible influence on her personality. A good deal of her niceness is cultivated, however, from having had to smooth over the antics of her older sister, Quinn.

Kira has been chasing after Quinn's impetuous tendencies since they were old enough to walk, often being the one to smooth over any slight her darker half-sister had caused. This began to extend into her dealings with her other siblings as well. Now it's second nature for her to apologize for whatever has happened, to seek to make reparation. She is the only one capable of calming Quinn for any length of time.

There is a hidden dark side to this apparent gentleness. Woe betide the Luperci who pushes her past her breaking point or threatens her loved ones, for they will discover that just because she is good, does not mean she is a rug to be trod upon.

Kira thoroughly enjoys being out in nature (which is a good thing given Quinn's proclivities) and given half a chance will be drawn to the birdsong of a woods.
Fathers: Lelouch Amarok (adopted) and Bertolt Damaichu (biological)
Mother: Lust Lykoi
Sisters: Quinn Damaichu, Rain Amarok, River Grim, Elora Lykoi

Extended Family: Lykois, Knights, and Damaichus are the predominant ones. See the wiki!
Kira was born the second of five surviving children, a multi-father litter that began as an agreement between Lust Lykoi and Lelouch Amarok and his mate Bertolt Damaichu, who wanted to start a family but needed a surrogate. While in heat, Lust mated with both Lelouch and Bertolt to fulfill their agreement; she also mated with Kassius Grim, Harlequin Damaichu, and Greed Lykoi (among others?). From these unions came Quinn Damaichu (from Harlequin), Kira Damaichu (from Bertolt), Rain Amarok (from Lelouch), River Grim (from Kassius), and Elora Lykoi (from Greed).

Time passed. Her youngest sister Elora, always small and sickly, died during the sickness that swept over 'Souls, though she was young enough that there was less sadness than just a sense of loss. She clung to her sisters, her mother, and to her fathers. Kira and Quinn, especially, became inseparable and spent almost every waking moment together, often with Kira chasing after Quinn to keep her out of whatever trouble she cooked up. She also tended to mother her other sisters, but they did not require it as much as Quinn did. Within this time, Callum encountered Lust and after some time speaking, it was revealed that Quinn was his granddaughter, and Kira his niece through his mateship with Veyra. He met the girls and of course fell in love, offering to keep an eye on them, train them with weapons, or anything Lust might need despite their living in Anathema.

The litter had their Rast ceremony performed; Kira shot a buck with a bow and arrow, but in her inexperience the first shot was only a wounding, not a killing shot. She tracked the beast and dispatched it, creating a cape from its hide with shoulder guards from its antlers.

Early in 2018 Kentaro attacked Anathema, intent on ruling or destroying it. Jace holed Kira and Quinn up in the Temple while she fought to defend Anathema, but Quinn, being Quinn, rushed out to help fight. While rushing to stay with her sister, Kira was grabbed from behind by one of Kentaro's men; when she whacked him with a quarterstaff she had picked up from Anathema's armory he began to choke her. Quinn came to her rescue, stabbing her captor till he let go of her, then helping to kill the man. The night still haunts her nightmares from time to time. In the aftermath, she and Quinn moved to Casa di Cavalieri to live with Callum and Veyra and learn to use their weapons effectively.

Shortly after their transfer to Casa, Veyra died while entranced by the giant flowers that bloomed weirdly around the coastline of 'Souls. Kira grieved mostly on her own, between helping her other family members to get through it. Since then, she has been trying to keep tabs on Quinn and keep her out of trouble from within and without. As an almost two year old, she's on the cusp of womanhood and undecided what to do with her life.
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