Alvira Phoenix

The pages of my story are torn and frayed Bound by blood, never alone.
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72.5% Jackal | 25% Dog | 2.5% Wolf
Date of Birth:
29th November 2017
[dimensions]4'11" 135lbs 39" 120lbs 65" 15" 20lbs 29"[/dimensions]

Alvira primarily takes after her jackal blood with her slender build, long ears, long legs, and narrow muzzle. The only indicator of her mixed blood would be her fur color which patterning and color is certainly not jackal-like. Her tail is fox-like in appearance.

Her fur is soft, taking after her dog blood and longer than the average jackal's. However, it lacks the thickness to withstand the Nova Scotia cold and requires extra protection to stay warm.

Her face is obviously jackal with her narrow muzzle that doesn't tapper off like a coyote's would and with long ears.

She is tiny when compared to non-jackals and small when compared to normal jackals, taking after her mother's height. However, she does have wiry muscle on her frame. She is slender when compared to others.

Her Lupus form is in the normal range for jackals and she looks to be well-fed and could easily be mistaken for a fox due to her long tail.

Her Secui form is large with long legs and a thick mane that makes her seem bigger as well as visible fangs. Her body becomes more muscular and one could even describe her as beastly with her thicker limbs and noticeably thicker build. Still quick in this form, she would be considered above average in speed and to some degree stamina with a fair amount of strength.

Her Optime form is small for a jackal but with wiry muscle and a petite hourglass build. She has a fair bust - the equivalent of a B-cup - and is well-balanced. She stand as tall as she can with a straight back and is fairly humanized. Her Optime hair is cut so that the tips brush against her shoulders, yet is long enough to be put into a ponytail. She has a streak of black dyed through her hair. (Hair Reference) It is rare to see her without clothing.

Alvira Phoenix is a girl who grew up too quickly due to her childhood being full of upheavals.

The Phoenix youth takes after her mother's intelligence with a keen memory and wits that serve her well. She is cunning and often has to make split-second decisions and relies on her own judgement rather than others. She is also very observant and analyzes her surroundings for information. She can be rather cunning and is a budding liar and manipulator in the making.

Alvira has always relied on herself to get her out of situations and only falling back on others when there is no other option. She is independent and hates having to rely on others and struggles to ask for assistance. She is ambitious and often bites off more than she can chew and her determination and stubbornness often makes it difficult for her to see when she's wrong.

Due to the loss that started from a young age, Alvira has a tendency to distance herself from others and never lets herself get "too attached" to acquaintances or even friends, worried that one day they might leave her. She also doesn't trust very easily and especially doesn't trust love. She saw what happened to her mother and vowed to never let that happen to her.

She is spiritual with a belief in multiple deities that come from her mother's beliefs, Greek deities, and Egyptian deities that she learned about from multiple sources. She partakes in rituals and often does her own at night, especially at a full moon.

Familial Relations

Italics indicate unknown
Mother: Avinalora Phoenix
Sire: Malik Crane
Siblings: Winter Phoenix, Ghost Phoenix,
Half-Aunts: Adrian Raven-Shadowryn, Artemis Hunter, Suncatcher

Other Relations
Step-Mother: (Removed) Maelyx Nocturne
Step-Siblings: Jaketta Nocturne, Elias Einar, Zea Einar-Nocturne
  • Haldis: Often considered to be "ninety percent of Alvira's impulse control[/url], Haldis is similar to Alvira's brother and often is the one trying to convince her to not do something stupid. He is often The Cassandra, though does know how to have fun sometimes.
  • Tiamat: Tiamat is a wise snake that has seen much in her years upon the earth. She is cunning for a snake and had been considered to be an incarnation of several deities. She is often the one encouraging Alvira to lie and steal.
  • Lachesis: Alvira's raven that her mother gave her before she left and is one of Alvira's most treasured memories of her mother. The raven is Alvira's scout.
  • Phaethon: Alvira's noble steed that her aunt gave her. The mare is unshakeable and fairly obedient with an aggressive attitude towards perceived dangers.
Alvira Phoenix was born alongside Winter Phoenix and Ghost Phoenix to Avinalora Phoenix. She was fathered by a male named Malik Crane, though they both don't know of each other's existence. Just after she took her first breath, Alvira's sibling, Ghost died.

She was raised in a large family composed of her mother, "Avi" and her brother Winter, as well as her other mother's, "Mae", children, Jaketta, Elias, and Zea. The girl lived her first weeks in peace.

But she faced loss at a young age when her brother, Zea was killed by mercenaries. Her mother threw herself into work on birds and the girl was acquainted with corvids from a young age as well as a feline caretaker.

They lived their next months peacefully until Kentaro's assault on Anathema and the burning of the village. Alvira did not see much fighting but does remember the burning of the village and her mother coming home bloody. She and the witches of Anathema fled to start their own coven.

There were a couple of months of peace for the family before yet another incident. Mae and Jaketta were kidnapped and while her sister returned, her stepmother came home later and blinded. The family weathered the crisis but that was not the end.

Also, Alvira and her brother shifted at the end of May and the girl was gifted two avian companions and gifts from her mother and family.

In June, Maelyx and Jaketta left with only a note. This caused her mother to breakdown after so much trauma. Her brother left not long after to live with their aunt. The coven broke apart and the girl was determined to get her mother out and to somewhere they could be happy.

Before they left, the girl was given a silver fox kit, Haldis.
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