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Canis Lupus Albus
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28th June 2012
Luperci Ortus
Zeus is nearly full blooded Canis Lupus Albus with only a small amount other heavy furred winter wolf breeds dabbled in his blood. The fur on his body is mostly different shades of gold. There is deep golden-yellow on his back that slowly fades into a gentle crème from shoulders to toes. But, also strung throughout the deep gold of his back fur, there are generous tips of black fur. This unique coloration is only visible on his back. His eyes are a foggy ice color due his blindness and their lack of development.

Current age: 8 months
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Again, Zeus is young. His mind is still malleable and moldable to any voice of authority or stable figure in his life. What has developed in the pup’s short existence is the beginning of a shy and kind personality. Because he can’t see the pup has also learned the value of listening. As such, he is more often quiet than babbling like most pups. Zeus is not often unruly and will eagerly try to appease others.
Biological Parents - unknown
X'yrin Exultare - Adopted Mother
A strong pair of wolves calling New Brunswick home gave birth to Zeus and his four other siblings. All of them were health except poor Zeus. Fate dealt him a card that practically zeroed his chances of living any fair length of time. For the first few weeks of life he seemed absolutely fine. The young pup’s eyes took just as long to open as all his brothers and sisters. Only after days of stumbling and lack of response to visual stimulation did it become apparent that young Zeus would never see. He was completely blind and his parents were unsure of how to deal with their defective pup. As any good parents would, they fed and looked after him as best they could, hopping dearly that their son would soon be seeing as well as their other beloved children. Unfortunately, this was only false hope. Eventually his parents had to make a difficult choice: take care of Zeus like a new born pup for an unforeseen length of time or get rid of him. They settled with the latter choice and left him in favor of using their efforts to raise the other healthy pups. They gave up on Zeus and left the innocent, blind puppy to fight his own battle against Mother Nature, a battle they knew he would never win.
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