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Luperci Ortus

Coleta is a large dog with very mixed ancestry, though her Bully Kutta, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Terrier, and Labrador heritage shows itself the best.

She has the size from her Bully Kutta heritage, her overall build is heavily influenced by her Great Dane and Rottweiler blood, her face looks mainly Stafforshire Terrier though looking closer would allow one to see that her Rottweiler blood may also come into play, and her tail is otter-like which comes from her Labrador heritage.

Lupus: This form is not often used but when Coleta is in this form, she stands at forty-three (43) inches at the shoulder and weighs one-hundred and fifty (150) pounds. Her build most closely resembles a mixture of Great Dane and Rottweiler, though there are other pulls from her mixed ancestry.

Secui: This form is not used often, but it is common for Coleta because the thickened fur gives her some degree of warmth. She is massive in the form, standing at fifty-four (54) inches at the shoulder and weighs two hundred and fifty (250) pounds. This form is rather beastly and long-legged yet muscle-bound. The most noticeable aspect-other than the monstrous size-is the extremely thick and long mane that gives her a seemingly lion-like quality.

Optime: Coleta's Optime form is the one she is most commonly seen in. In this form, she stands at seven feet, five inches (7'5") and weighs three hundred pounds. She has a wide chest and shoulders and her hips match with a somewhat slim waist between them. She has notable musculature in her arms and definition in her abdomen. Her hair is also very long and goes down to her waist. Her left-size bangs obscure the scars and blind eye. She is always clothed in this form and wears numerous accessories.

Accessories: Pretty Necklace (Always Worn), Butterfly Locket (Always Worn), Butterfly Ring (Always Worn), Butterfly Bangle (Always Worn), Flower Bracelet (Always Worn), Flower Necklace, Rose Gold Moonstone Necklace, Butterfly Bracelet, Pearl Bracelet, Button Bracelet, Button Bracelet, and Leather and Bead Bracelet

Outfits: Black and White Butterfly Dress, Pretty Butterfly Dress, Butterfly Dress, Floral Dress, Dark Floral Dress, Blue Dress, Dress and Cardigan, Flower Skirt and Top, Dress and Dark Cardigan, Red Top and Floral Skirt, Grey Plaid Skirt and Grey Top, Red skirt and Grey Shirt, White Blouse and Blue Skirt, Floral Jacket Outfit
  • The Latoya girl does not act her size. She can be shy upon first meeting though she has some pep. She takes some time to get acclimated to new environments and does seem to be a fish out of water, especially with her misuse of figures of speech and obvious unfamiliarity to anything that isn't a dog. She does scare easily and has a lot of fears.

  • She does tend to talk a lot when she is alone with her companions. She does tend to become a motor mouth and seemingly has conversations with herself when she's alone. Once she gets used to people, she does talk a lot and sometimes forgets that some people can't understand her when she talks in Spanish.

  • Coleta can be a bit ditzy at times and forgets certain things or thinks the wrong thing. She does have moments of genius and she often can come to the same conclusions as others, though takes a different way of getting there. She does seem to be a fish out of water in Nova Scotia and will take time to get used to the place.

  • She is a bit of a klutz and is rather clumsy. She often forgets about her strength and size at times. She does forget that not everything is made for Luperci of her size.

  • She is very caring and compassionate and always loves to help others.
  • Cooking: She was raised by a mother who cooked, so she had to help her mother out at a young age. She soon took enjoyment in this form of what she considered "art".
  • Sewing: Coleta had to learn at least another important skill which was sewing. She normally has to make her own clothing, being too large to fit into human clothing. She learned from her mother and from her own trial and error.
  • Drawing and Painting: A hobby of Coleta's, she learned to draw and paint when she was young and practices this skill often.
  • Combat: Coleta can fight to some degree, having had to learn out of necessity, but typically defaults to her trusty Frying Pan of Doom to hit people with.
  • Reading and Writing: She can write and read in Spanish.
Coleta Latoya was born on a sunny morning in an area known as El Malecón. She was born to a hard-working mother, though her father wasn't as hard-working and soon ditched her and her mother early on. Valeria worked as a cook that cooked meat that other Luperci brought to her in exchange for other goods. Her mother also traded excess meat and such as well to allow her and her daughter to live as comfortably as possible. Valeria also took shifts as a barmaid and cook.

Coleta grew up in relative comfort though learned to be hardworking at a young age. She worked alongside her mother from the moment she could shift, though her large size that she inherited from her father made things difficult for her at times. When she was a young girl, she was attacked by a coyote and was left with a blind eye.

The girl developed an interest in butterflies and then art. She painted and drew the monarch butterflies that migrated to her home and then her imagination caused her to believe that then other butterflies she created and named were also real.

Coleta worked alongside her mother until she felt that one day that she wanted to leave the safety of her home and go somewhere else. With her mother's blessing, the girl's beloved jenny and sidekick, Paco, Coleta headed towards the area that she had heard whispers of, Nova Scotia.
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