Percival Parhelion

High Lord of Dusk

New Caledonia
High Lord of Dusk
Luperci Diplomat III, Piscator II, Magister I we were infinite; there was no time in those days They stole my dirty socks... :(
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1st March 2018
Percival is primarily dog and it shows in the roughness of his coat, his v-shaped drop ears, and his long, sickle-shaped tail. He is of average size and build and has fur that is thick, wavy, and quite wiry. Percy has a mustache and beard set at the end of a strong jaw and his brown eyes are typically half-hidden beneath a characteristic scowl that is exaggerated by his dark, thick brows.

Percival sports an earthy palette of tans that vary in shade, with paler hues found ventrally and dark shades on the dorsal aspect of his body. His darkest markings are found on his face and ears.

Although he prefers his Optime form, Percy does not care to don a lot of clothing. He will often wear a cloak and he may dress for special occasions but he is otherwise more comfortable wearing little else. Perhaps a little unusually, he does not grow a mane; the fur at his head remains short and relatively smooth, with few flyaways, when he shifts.

As noted above, Percival prefers to wear little in the way of clothing, but he does own a grey woolen cloak with a caribou antler clasp that he wears for travel and everyday outings in the cooler months. More recently, he had a cerulean half-cape made for the Realm's second Founder's Day and wears this for more special occasions.
As a child born to parents of high ranking, Percival took it upon himself at a young age to practice his skills in observation and listening while behaving with courtesy, tact, and careful consideration towards his fellow Luperci. It is perhaps for this reason that Percival maintains such a visible air of confidence, pride, and self-importance so as to simultaneously make him appear both pompous and decorous. Although there is a kindness to his eyes, he is often seen with a frown and he does not smile often, both of which can make him seem unapproachable to some.

Colored by past traumas at a young age, Percy continues to struggle with bouts of anxiety and anger. While he has found that practicing meditation of varying types is helpful at regulating these emotions, moments of elevated stress or perceived injustices may cause him to deviate spectacularly from a calculated, thoughtful Luperci into one of injudicious reaction. When this occurs, Percy might say things that he does not mean or which are inherently unfair, appear visibly frazzled or upset, and/or stammer his words.

Despite his flaws, Percival is a well-meaning individual driven by a desire for children grow up in peace and for goodwill to prevail.
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Percival Parhelion is the son of Eliza Cormier and Milos Parhelion, born in one of the last litters of Krokar before its untimely disbandment at the end of October in 2018. Raised by his loving parents in an atmosphere of safety, camaraderie, and peace, Percival's early childhood was simple and good. He started learning the basics of fishing before he could shift, often joining his father and Taseko out on the lakes and rivers where he watched and listened as they cast their lines or nets. It was also from Taseko that Percy acquired his interest in spirituality, specifically animism.

On October 25th, 2018, Percival's life was abruptly and irreversibly altered after the village of Fiskebyn, where most of Krokar's members lived, and surrounding Aster's Fields were destroyed by arson. The fire left their village uninhabitable, their supplies ruined, and their animals scattered. But it also brought other forms of tragedy: death and loss. Two pack mates, and several animals, perished in the flames and both his father and his sister, Daisy went missing during the chaos of the fire.

With the disbandment of the only pack he had ever known, Percival was forced to navigate a life of homelessness while also coping with the disappearance of two important members of his family. Miraculously, a few months after their disappearance, Milos and Daisy found their small band in the Saint John's Chokehold and the family was reunited. Though grateful and relieved, however, a notable wedge had been driven between he and his father that Percival never fully acknowledged or addressed, but which helped to spur into action his decision to help found a new pack called New Caledonia, where he currently resides.
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