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90% Alexander Archipelago Wolf, 10% Old English Sheepdog
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23rd February 2011
Luperci Ortus
In her Lupus form, Aspen weighs in at about 50lbs and is about 25 inches tall. She is slender, and is predominantly Alexander Archipelago Wolf, with English sheepdog mixed in. The only physical evidence of her dog heritage is that her fur is a bit wavy with a little extra fluffiness to it. This shaggy coat is made up of many shades of grey, very dark on top with a light underbelly. The fur on her muzzle is very dark a very dark, charcoal gray, lightening to a medium shade over her cheeks under her pale blue eyes, and remaining dark over the top of her head and ears. Aspen's underbelly is the lightest area, and the charcoal grey continues from her head down her back and along the top of her tail. The lighter fur from her belly continues down her tail as well, overtaking the dark from her back about halfway down. Aspen's sides have a sharp gradient of fur from dark to light, which covers her shoulders as well. Her legs change from a blotchy medium grey to a much lighter grey above her paws.

She almost never uses her Secui form, finding that the added bulk makes her feel too slow, but will take it if she feels very threatened. In that form, she weighs in at just over 100lbs and grows to 32 inches tall.

When shifted to her Optime form, Aspen is about 5 feet, 2 inches tall and still a bit too slim with a small amount of definition in her lean muscle. This form is one she has been using more and more often, though it is still her second favorite. Even so, Aspen does enjoy pulling her dark, wavy, slightly wild hair forward when she does shift to it. She also wears a single bronze cuff bracelet around her left wrist, which can adjust as needed between her forms.

Being the runt of the litter made Aspen a target for the older puppies, and the result is a nearly constant submissive posture, even when it's not exactly necessary. Her tail is always angled down, and her head is usually low with her ears back. Even if she’s not displaying submission bodily, Aspen avoids eye contact as much as possible around wolves she is not comfortable with.

There is a little bit of feral-ness to her posture. She's almost constantly aware of her surroundings from doing her best to avoid packmates and then to avoid getting caught stealing. Since coming to live in Vinatta, Aspen has relaxed a little bit.
Aspen is a very submissive wolf, sometimes to the point of fearful. She does not handle change well, and the result of major change is a jumpy, agitated wolf. If faced with a confrontation, Aspen more likely to fight back out of fear than aggression. She prefers not to cause scenes, being more comfortable slinking in and taking what she needs, rather than smashing and plundering.

The wolves Aspen likes best are the ones who don't press her to come out of her shell. She is more likely to open up to someone like that, and once she is comfortable around him or her, Aspen’s underlying personality will show through more. Under the timidness is a kindhearted wolf to those she likes, who enjoys telling the occasional joke. She can even be a bit cheeky if she's really at ease.

There is no innocence left for Aspen; she knows how the world works. She also has a bit of a wildness about her, not quite tame from all of her time away from canines in general, other than when she needed something from them.

Even with those that she's comfortable around, Aspen has a hard time communicating what she wants. She usually goes with the flow so she doesn't draw attention to herself or create waves. Aspen also doesn’t get too attached to many people; she simply assumes wolves will eventually leave and enjoys the company of those who stick around long enough to earn her trust while she can. This is a defense mechanism that grew from her inability to handle change.

The sheepdog in her is also evident in her instincts. Aspen likes to herd animals, be it sheep, horses, or even geese, given the chance. She even likes to herd pups, though that doesn’t last too long because of how quickly they grow. It’s something she tries to quash because of the prejudices she’s come across, but it doesn’t make the drive any less strong.

Born in 2011, Aspen didn’t have a chance to find out what a ‘normal’ pack was like. Hers was full of mounting tension between several of the leaders. The pack was on the verge of splitting up, and the disagreements often spilled over into very public fights. The dissent carried through all ranks, and the tension had all wolves on edge. With her parents involved with the pack issues, and Aspen being the runt of the litter of four meant the little wolfdog didn’t get the attention she required. An elder of the pack did her best to help, but it was difficult for someone of that age to keep up with an energetic puppy.

This meant that Aspen often found herself the target of the bigger pups without anyone to defend her. The frustration they felt with the lack of a stable pack caused them to act out the only way they knew how: by bullying her because it was a way for them to have control over one aspect of their lives. They teased her for everything from her size and wavy fur to desire to herd their pack’s small number of animals, and they often didn’t quit until Aspen had fully submitted to them. Even after they sometimes pushed things further with physical assaults until an adult stopped them.

The alphas held the pack together for as long as possible, but it didn’t last. When Aspen was about six months old, the pack finally split. It was a very scary even for the young canine and she hid from the fighting that ensued. In the end, her father and two brothers died, leaving Aspen, her brother, and Mother to go with one of the groups that formed from the fractured pack.

Aspen's hopes that the newly formed pack would be better than the last quickly faded when it devolved into more of the same. Her brother did little to protect her from other pack members and her mother wasn't always able to. That pack managed to stay together for nearly a year before once more, dominance fights took over. It wasn't until then that Aspen had managed to make friends with one member of the pack, a male who was larger than her and decided it was his job to protect her. He taught her some skills with a dagger, and also how to steal.

Before the fighting could dissolve the pack, several of the members angered a newer by pack by forcing one of their females. The other pack retaliated with an attack that wiped out almost all of Aspen's pack. She took off into the night after her mother was killed without seeing if her brother survived and ran without looking back until she couldn't run any longer and collapsed from exhaustion.

For several months after the last attack, Aspen was almost constantly on the move. She clumsily learned to hunt through necessity, and had gotten much better at stealing. For a while, Aspen looked for the one friend she had made, unsure if he even survived the attack. Eventually, she resigned herself to the idea that he did not.

After coming to 'Souls, Aspen joined Vinatta after meeting some of the members. One such meeting ended her thieving ways. Due to her shyness, she had trouble getting to know her packmates, which left her feeling lonely and a bit isolated, but she has been trying while at the same she has done her best to contribute to her new home. Eventually, contributing helped boost Aspen's confidence, enough that she heard a cat being toyed with by a coyote and decided to save him. The grumpy, Major, decided to stay with her after he was healed and he declared her his family. She also met Cody Rhiannon, and started getting to know him.

Her life was going well until a trip outside the pack left her vulnerable enough to be kidnapped and taken to Halifax where she was tortured before escaping. With the help of a New Dawn member, Vidar, Aspen made it home to Vinatta. Her physical wounds began healing with Cody's help until he vanished, leaving her feeling very much alone again.

Aspen's fear of males resurfaced, but Ascher Stormbringer slowly helped her heal in that regard and a romance bloomed. The pair eventually became mates and in June 2014, Aspen gave birth to their two daughters. Becoming a mother helped Aspen gain even more confidence, although she remained submissive and a bit shy. She enjoyed raising her daughters a lot more than she expected she would.

Major is a large cat, possibly of Maine Coon lineage. He weighs about 25 lbs and is very fluffy. He tends to be grumpy towards most canines, though he tolerates a few and likes fewer. Major speaks a small amount of High Speech, but not enough to hold lengthy conversations.
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