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54% coyote, 38% dog, 8% wolf
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6th November 2017
Luperci Ortus
Inara has an off white body with black points. Her cheeks are a rich brown rust color starting at the corners of her deep chocolate eyes. The bridge of her nose is touched with true rust coloring broken by white, only to pick up again between her eyes. The colors found on her face are also present on her back and top of her shoulders. The rust color cascades down her hackles and blending into the dark brown rust which is stopped and outlined entirely by charcoal black.

She is double coated, and her top coat appears dull yet super soft making it inviting to touch. Her paws are large and thick as if she might have newfoundland somewhere in there. Her nose is thick and large, and black as black can be. Her eyes and lips are of the same deep black color.

Inara's ears are damaged, possibly in a fire, or from mutilation. They are roughly scarred where they were damaged. Had her ears not been damaged, she would have had large coyote like ears.

Inara has a very thick, mastiff type bone structure. Her skull is almost like that of a wolf type, yet her muzzle is thick and of medium length like the mixture of wolf and mastiff breed structure. Her tail is of notable length, cascading down past her hocks, her fur making up the most of its length. If it wasn't for its gentle upwards curl it would touch the earth easily.

This large, thick boned canine is a mixture of fat and thick muscles. She has a large gut but her legs are heavy with muscle, most likely from lumbering around her chubby self.

At a glance:

Lupus form:

Height: 26 inches
Weight: 75 lbs


Height: 38 inches
Weight: 145 lbs


Height: 5'7
Weight: 180 lbs

[Image: ym3vU4u.png]
Inara has strong morals for her age and is caring, sometimes to a fault. Her curious nature combined with her early neglect led her into all sorts of predicaments that matured her beyond her age. In the rare circumstance that she is ever pushed to fighting, she could go either to blind rage, or strategical fighting depending on her mental state at the time.

To say Inara is a complicated soul would be accurate. Her personality was shaped through pressure and experiences beyond her level of understanding leaving her with mental defenses she herself is not entirely aware of. In most cases, she comes off as callus and cold to others when really she is having her own inner turmoil, and she actually is loving and considerate. This is such an automatic behavior to her, that she is not entirely aware she is doing this. This makes it hard for her to get close to others.

Inara is an introvert, and a bit of a loner, preferring to be alone and not have friends. Though, most of the time she finds herself seeking the company of others.

Once she comes fully out of her defenses and shell, Inara is a goofball. She loves to be silly and make others smile even at the expense of herself and others. Her sense of humor ranges from that of innocence to completely perverted, but it is all in good fun.

When one really becomes close to Inara and she finds them truly trustworthy, she is fiercely loyal and protective. Going above and beyond for them.

On the same note, when she is afraid or feeling immensely insecure, a voice will break out from her psyche and twist and confuse reality for her. This is because of the trauma she had under gone. This mental confusion and breakdown causes her mood and actions to be ever changing throughout the day or week.

In essence Inara tends to be Chaotic Good. She has the desire to follow the rules, but if the rules don't align with the right thing she has no problem bending or breaking them if that means doing what is right.

[Image: VYXI24d.png]
Father: Hoban Ailurus (deceased)
Mother: Nandi Fulgens (deceased)
Brother: Jane Ailurus
Offspring: Battle Grounds
Number of children: 10 puppies.
Inara was born to the Ailurus gypsy clan that traveled North America and settled themselves along the great lakes region. She grew wandering from the four distinct clans that settled around the region. They referred to themselves as a pack, due to their nomadic nature, however, they were far from being an actual pack. She didn't understand this.

Inara enjoyed their many stories about her family lineage, most seemingly fiction. Due to these stories, she isn't entirely sure of her bloodline but she knows that her grandmother is of gray wolf and coyote lineage. Her grandfather on the same side is of Italian dog lineage. Inara's father is of coyote and dog lineage, his mother was full coyote while his father was of coyote and dog lineage. Of what kind of dogs specifically make up her family tree is a mystery.

Inara's homelife was chaotic; her mother was never around much once Inara was weaned, and her father was always out scouting and gathering for the family. Her brother was always suppose to be watching Inara, but that never happened due to his desire to be free and irresponsible. This is what gave Inara an independent nature and made her more self-reliant.

Inara's first spring festival was the day that her whole world changed. Her father had become increasingly distrustful of her mother, and tensions were high. At one point during the festival, there was an argument between her mother and father. Inara didn't want to be a part of it and wandered off on her own without anyone noticing. Unknowingly to her, their pack of gypsies were in conflict with a nearby pack of wolves and the spring festival was when they planned their assault.

While Inara was with one of their story tellers, the wolves descended. The clans of gypsies were mostly peaceful and nonviolent, and left them vulnerable to attacks. The wolf pack that attacked were of a substantial number, but they weren't alone. Creating an alliance with two other neighboring packs, both not liking these nomads settled around the largest resource in the area, they had the gypsies outnumbered. Before she knew it, the entire campsite was caught aflame and the pack was scattered.

Inara ran. At first she was trying to find her family, but when she was attacked directly she veered from her path only to be caught by what appeared to be one of the leaders. She blacked out, out of fear and adrenaline overload. When she woke, she was among the ashes of what was once her home. Her head was pounding and she noticed that she was beside her brother. He was covered in cuts and dried blood. It was then she learned that he saved her from being burned alive.

Their pack, that had once consisted of 80 or so gypsies, were now down to maybe 20 or so. They had only survived from fighting back and then hiding once they could. Their parents didn't make it. She knew only her brother and he was of nefarious nature and the group he hung with was even more nefarious than him. He was not the most reliable canine and nor the safest to be around. In silent agreement, they left one another once she was able enough to be on her own and find her own way.
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