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2nd October 2015
Tall, graceful, almost willowy, she is a tall woman with enough shape to give her a feminine and curvy figure. Her hound heritage however gives her more of a lanky appearance as she aged and her youthfulness began to fade. Her curves are still noticeable, but its clear that the woman no longer tries to emphasize them in her attempts to woo foolish men to their deaths.

Her coloration is reminiscent of an Italian wolf with darker browns that transition into creamier throat, muzzle, and chest. With the passage of time, more white has begun to spread from her nose and mouth; there is an increasingly noticeable collection of white hairs appearing on her brows and dotting her cheeks in places.

She primarily wears a formfitting dark gray gown with a large leather band impressed with the Eyes of Omni. Teeth, bone, and antler hang like a diabolic fringe along it that click and clatter when she walks. Long sleeves tend to cover her cream hands and the hem hangs just above the ground. When traveling, she dons a deep red cloak with hood.

Her Omni mask of preference is for Fire and Death; her most recent mask is made of pressed leather with dangling bits of whitened bones and teeth attached to the cheek regions. The edges are noticeably singed and charred, though not to the point of unraveling the stitching.
Outwardly, she appears to be a woman well aware of her attractiveness and how fleeting it is by the way she accentuates herself and carries herself. However, most of this is because of her extraordinarily excessive confidence and composure. Having grown up in a rather debauched world with nobility, she learned quickly that attitude and image were everything. After years of practice, it has become entirely part her of nature to the point of excess.

However, when speaking to her, it's very clear that Rosa has an air about her that hints toward her outlandish beliefs, something almost like a "wrongness". She can be very forward and blunt with the way she speaks; she has no more patience for cutting around the bush when it comes to saving the wayward souls.

Rosa can be condescending to an obvious degree, especially with those she believes to be naïve and susceptible to the vices of life. On top of that, she can also be somewhat patronizing when annoyed or impatient. However, she is otherwise not aggressive or hostile.

No longer interested in seducing men into her bed just for the sake of eliminating the lustful, Rosa is more interested in grander gestures to address the problems surrounding debauchery. Her true mania comes out more obviously when committing acts of violence in the name of Omni. She tends to be very vocal and unnerving, staring and smiling despite whatever violent transgression she is undertaking.
Hylene Vandine (cNPC)
Born Clara Pollia of Rome, Rosa grew up in a household of wealth and vice. The many things she saw in that family tainted her perception and innocence from a young age, driving her to the faster, looser lifestyle of the bored socialites. She would frequent parties, taverns, and other venues to drink, smoke, and party. There were more than a few nights where those activities mixed together and she would wind up somewhere radically different than she began the night.

A rough night of overindulgence and drug use found her in a bad part of town. In her hungover state, she encountered a belligerent slaver in an alley while she tried to make her way home. Before she could be taken, a strange woman in a mask of grasses and flowers found her and protected her from the slaver.

One too many bad nights had decidedly shifted her perspective of the lifestyle of her family and the other bored upper elites. After humoring her savior, she wound up enticed by the idea of Omni that the stranger preached. Instead of returning home, she followed the woman across the sea. She took up her mother's familial name to con passage for them both.

Shortly after arriving in North America, she shed her name entirely and took up the name Rosa Somnia before joining the Omniscient collective at the Watchtower.
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