Veyra Damaichu

Luperci Dawn Princess Made from Dawn
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100% Wolf
Date of Birth:
4th November 2012
Luperci Ortus
Optime Height: 6"10
Veyra grew up surrounded by brothers so she quickly learned that she had to assert her dominance and fight to not be pushed around. She was very prideful on matters of status within the pack but was more than eager to prove her worth to others.

At times she could come across as vain but Veyra never cared much for appearances unless she was acting on behalf of her pack. She had a softer side for those who had proven their loyalty to their pack-mates.
Veyra was born to X'yrin Exultare on November 4, 2012. She was born with three half-siblings, being the only one with Zalen Damaichu as a father in a multi-fathered litter. The father of her half-siblings was X'ies Lambda. She also has three half-brothers through Zalen, and a half-sister.

She left Sangi'lak very shortly after 6 months of age to get to know the other half of her heritage. After the fall of New Dawn, she joined her new mate in his birth pack of Casa di Cavalieri. In the Spring of 2018, she succumbed to the madness of the Alien Flowers and threw herself off the sea-cliffs to her untimely death.

She was survived by her mate (Callum Knight), four sons (Eros Damaichu, Marius Damaichu, Munroe Knight, Harlequin Knight) and single daughter (Aldora Knight)

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