Oberyn Haskel

Court of Fangs
Luperci Mate to Makwaikwe Not what I have, but what I do, is my kingdom.
Date of Birth:
3rd May 2018
On the large end of average, Oberyn is a solidly built animal. He has a deep barrel chest and long limbs, with a muscular, squarish build suited for endurance. As a high-content wolfdog, Oberyn strongly resembles a purebred wolf at first glance -- but he has some doggish features that give him away as a hybrid, such as the tawny color of his fur and ears. His broad wolfish head is stopped with doglike ears that are wedge-shaped and proportionally large.

Oberyn's fur is primarily a pale yellow, with an off-white underside. His sable markings are most notable on his back, though this pattern is disrupted by large portions of white. As he has aged, this has become more prominent. He has bright green eyes.

While not a fighter by trade, there are a few notable scars on Oberyn's body. These are primarily smaller, and most visible where his fur is the shortest.

It is very uncommon to find Oberyn on two legs. He primarily remains in his Lupus form. While he occasionally takes to his Secui form in order to travel faster, the amount of energy burned doing so often sees him sticking to his preferred shape. On the extremely rare occasions Oberyn chooses to shift to his Optime form he stands with a hunched posture, and has long, messy hair.
At his core, Oberyn is a person driven by his moral code. He seeks to uphold goodness and justice in the world, often acting like a big damn hero when he believes someone is in trouble. This has gotten him into trouble before, as has his direct way of speaking with others. Some of this is intentional – for as good as he is at reading people, Oberyn often chooses cutting words. He can come off as aloof and even cruel, though certainly does his best to uplift others after bringing them down. In contrast, his need to isolate and lingering effects of his post-traumatic stress disorder are still present, and often see Oberyn shutting others off entirely. Part of this is apparent in his hostility towards short-haired dogs, especially those which resemble bully breeds.

Though raised to respect women, and their capability as fighters, Oberyn believes he has an obligation to defend females. This is especially true for pregnant women or new mothers.

Oberyn is Monotheistic with belief in the Abrahamic God. He was raised on Biblical stories and taught ideals such as good and evil, redemption and sin, by his father. An emphasis was put on an individual's experience with God, rather than any concrete rules.
Part of the small Haskel/Catori family line, with a slew of extended, unknown relatives through Moineau and D'Angelo thanks to his maternal grandparents' prolific nature. Additional connection to the Stormbringers through his mother's adoption and his father's friendliness with the family.
Makwaikwe de le Poer, a wolf from Terchová. She is his mate.
Oberyn Haskel and his twin sister, ssola, were born in Cour des Miracles in the summer of 2018. Though their mother was initially present in their lives, issues between her and their older half-sister Galilee soon led to Dreyma departing the Court. Raised by their father and relatives, Oberyn and his sister had a largely average childhood. During his adolescence, however, the arrival of a band of loners out for revenge brought turmoil to the already struggling court. Oberyn himself was brutally assaulted by several members of La Marea – this incident proved life-changing for the young man. Shaken by the incident and fearful of further attacks, Oberyn rarely shifted from his native form and spent most of his time on four legs.

Not long after the bloody incident, Cour de Miracles was formally disbanded. Those that did not leave for Portland, such as Oberyn and his family, remained behind and reformed as Petite Cour – a Loner Band meant to keep their small group of loyalists together. While this endured, the instability and major changes led Issola and Oberyn to make the decision to relocate to L'Autre Cour. It was believed their former pack's remaining Outpost would guarantee the pair safety and provide better opportunities to grow.

Instead of completing this trip, however, the twins diverted their route and traveled north. They traversed a large portion of Canada on foot for several months, traveling through Ontario and onward into Alberta, where circumstance brought them into Terchová. While there, they joined the Tesák Clan – a pack of Luperci who upheld a more feral style of living.

After nearly two years living in the wilderness, Oberyn returned to Nova Scotia. He was accompanied not by his sister, but by his mate, Makwaikwe de le Poer. Together, they sought out the remnants of his former life and a place to build the foundation of a new-but-old way of living.
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