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Gray, Italian, Red, and Indian wolf
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31st October 2017
Luperci Ortus
Bhasu is not as large as his grandfather, but he isn't small for his kind. He stands at 6ft 11 inches in Optime. This is the form he stays in unless he is traveling great distances. His lupus form he stands at 36 inches and in his Secui he is 48 inches.

Bhasu is black sable, with rich rust fur behind his ears, along his cheeks and a blaze alone his head. In Optime he styles his blaze into a mohawk much like his Grandfather did but with the rust colored tips. His black bushy tail is blazed at the tip. Then throughout his coat that rust flecks the shoulders, back and paws. On his paws, the tuft of fur through his paws is a light tan.

Bhasu's face pitch black, with the rusty brown blushed underneath, and then touched at the brows. His eyes are an interesting blue and copper. The outter rim of his iris is a deep blue while around the pupil is a splash of copper, flecking out toward the rim, while the rest of his eyes are sky blue.

Overall Bhasu has a thick tank like build of a mesomorph body type. His head is broad and squarely built. His body tapers down to lean stomach then back to muscular legs.
Confident, Charismatic, Honest, Loyal, Open-minded, Curious, Intelligent, Religious

As is the with most of the Marinos and Knights, Bhasu is a very confident and charismatic man. He loves to charm others with a flash of his smile. Many have said, "You're just like Aro." or "You have your grandfather's smile." Though, Bhasu normally rolls his eyes at this, secretly, he loves knowing he is a lot like his grandpa.

Honesty is very important to Bhasu. He can't stand to tell a lie, and if he finds out he was lied to, he becomes very angry. Though, the most he will do is no longer trust or talk to the liar.

Loyalty. Even though he is quite loyal to his family and those he finds to be friends, he doesn't expect loyalty from lovers.

Open-minded. Bhasu doesn't care to judge others. It is not up to him to do so. In his eyes, Karma can judge a man.

Curious. The Marino is very curious about all things. He loves to get to know others, packs, religions, customs, and lifestyles.

Intelligent. As early as he could crawl, the Marino boy was working to learn his environment and everything within it. He is very book smart and pretty street smart at times. Though he knows a lot about the stars, thanks to his grandfather, Bhasu didn't limit himself to just Astronomy. He learned about other cultures and politics, making him a natural diplomat. His intelligence allows him to be able to manipulate others easily when he so desires.

Religious. His mother at a very young age instilled Hinduism, teaching him all about Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Making him a nonviolent being, respecting all forms of life. When hunting he seeks Jhatka (quick death) and strongly dislikes Halal (slow bled death).
Great Grandparents: Jasper Rhiannon-Knight, Ghita Marino
Grandparents: Aro Marino, Sidra Phoenix
Parents: Ayden Marino, Ananya Reddy
The Marino Family had a rough go in the beginning. Animosity was hard to avoid, but when the tragic kidnapping of Sidra Phoenix went unnoticed, it was Bhasu's father, Ayden Marino, that went searching. He wasn't quite a match for the slave traders and ended up in the custody as well. Months went by before they got down to Mexico, where they were to be put up for the highest bid. That was when Bhasu's grandfather showed up. He was a man to be reckoned with! He single handedly took on the merchants. Cutting them down with his large sword and freeing both Ayden and Sidra, and once freed Aro took off with them, making sure no one followed.

Aro wasn't without injury though, his ear was slashed and, so was his eye. Once safety was reached, he was patched up by Sidra, and Ayden helped provide for both his mother and father while they recovered. That was when they decided not to go back to their home in Casa di Cavaleri. They made way for Belfast Harbor.

Bharu Marino heard the story many times. His Grandfather's tale of rescue was a fun one for the elderly in Belfast to tell the youngsters. Even though he would shake his head and roll his eyes every time he heard it, he secretly loved the story. His Grandfather was a great man, and Bharu looked up to him.

He secretly wished to go on many sailing trips with Aro, but the old luperci had started having back problems months ago, and now he couldn't move much. It seemed his grandfather wasn't recovering, but getting worse. So, instead of learning more about sailing, he volunteered to stay around the harbor and help take care of his Grandfather.

It was August 30th, 2018 that Aro Marino died. Bahru was devastated, and so was the rest of the family. He heard his Grandfather talk fondly of his own father many times, and how it was his great grandfather, Jazper Rhiannon-Knight that created Casa di Cavaleri to keep peace in the lands. Bharu Marino, after much grieving, knew then that he had to learn about his Marino-Knight heritage. It was his duty, right, and destiny. After a week of grieving, he said goodbye to his mother, Ananya Reddy, and his father, Ayden Marino, and set on his pilgrimage.
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