Risa Rivera

Casa di Cavalieri
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Coyote heavy hybrid
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18th November 2017
In short, Risa is a yellow eyed snaggle toothed hybrid draped in long grey and cream fur with shoulder length brown hair that frames his soft featured face. He's cute, but very little going on upstairs. The lights are on, but no one is home. Think Zac Efron, but more dog.

Once a leggy, awkward looking yearling, Risa Rivera has grown into his broad built body. Risa's lean, well toned muscles built from shadowing his labor head father, Honrin, are well defined and he cuts an impressive form at an optime height of six foot six inches. He greatly favors this form -- though, he can sometimes be seen in secui depending on the situation.

Though his appearance is one that would typically inspire confidence in a more self aware person, Risa is completely oblivious. There is a shy, sheepish quality to the way he presents himself; an indication of deep and closely held anxieties.

He is, however, a generally happy guy and is typically seen sporting a genuine and disarming smile.

Risa is only moderately humanized -- often wearing clothes only in the winter when the temperature dips to an unbearable level. Otherwise, Risa is an all natural kind of guy. Gotta let those buns breathe yo.

There's a subtle goofy quality to Risa, one that's hard to catch on first glance -- like ill fitting pair of shoes. He's never been the most socially adept, but as Risa has aged, he's mellowed out a good deal in comparison to how he used to be. Maturity has made him a bit more quiet and more reluctant to joke around at inopportune times.

He's generally a fairly amenable and accommodating dude, often thinking of others well before himself. He is motivated primarily by kindness and wants the leave the world a better place than he found it -- however, putting this philosophy into practice isn't always cut and dry. Risa does still fall prey to the big dumb, often.

In short, he's a total cinnamon bun of a luperci. The goodest boi, if you will.

There is, however, a possessive streak to Risa. Desperately attached to the connections he has, Risa will stop at nothing to preserve them, often at the detriment of himself. He can be a fiercely jealous person, but this is born out of inner insecurity. He's never been the confident type and is prone to a malignant case of self-doubt.
Father: Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Mother: Monica Rivera

Significant Others: Kira & Quinn Damaichu

Born to a single mother, Monica Rivera, Risa was named for the laughter he brought to her troubled, lonely life. His mother, having recently returned to Ceniza Valley with various Infernian stragglers, allowed her son the opportunity to seek out his previously unknown father in the place of his birth.

For what it was worth, it seemed like a pretty exciting adventure.

Risa traveled north with little more than a name and a physical description of his father, Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii. It was through sheer dumb luck that Risa found him in a purely incidental encounter. Even more surprisingly still, Honrin didn't seem to freak out when he found out about his bastard son -- so, that was pretty chill. He invited Risa abord the Avalon to travel to Casa de Cavalieri where he soon met grandma Jace and grandpa Temo -- also pretty chill.

He settled in easy enough and soon entered into a very unconventional relationship with the Damaichu twins, Quinn and Kira. While Polyamory didn't really fit the cultural zeitgiest of the Cavaleri pack, Risa proceeded with the relationship without any care of cultural norms.

After all, it was way too hard to pick between the two. So, por que no los dos bro?

Nowadays, Risa is living his best life in Casa without a care in the world.
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